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Safety & Security at ISB

At ISB we manage our own in-house security team comprising over 50 guards, a Security Manager, an Assistant Security Manager, a Security Technician, and a Campus Monitor. The team is responsible for 24 hours/7 days–a–week security patrols and access control of the main campus, faculty housing, and our Environmental Wilderness Campus in Petchaburi. We also have a team of nurses and an experienced Medical Director. They are present and available during the school day and at all school–sponsored events. Our pools are managed by an Aquatics Director and highly trained lifeguards. ISB also has a full time Director of Risk Management. All teaching staff are First Aid/CPR/AED certified, and the school provides bi-annual recertification courses. We have 6 First Aid/CPR/AED Instructors on staff at ISB. We partner with International SOS to provide Medical Emergency Response plans for all trips and have access to their emergency call center 24/7 for other emergency situations on– or off–campus. ISB is fortunate to have an extra layer of security, being based within the Nichada Thani community. This affords our community – whether they live inside of Nichada or outside – the comfort of knowing students are safe and secure at all times. ISB and Nichada Thani’s ID Card and Access procedures help to ensure this security, while being flexible enough to remain welcoming and allow ample access to the ISB campus for all community members and friends of ISB.

Investing in Better Air Quality

Over the past years, we have seen a seasonal rise in the level of air pollution experienced in the winter months. To ensure the health and safety of our community at International School Bangkok within the winter months but also throughout the year, ISB has invested over 20 million baht in air purification systems throughout our school campus. Read the full article on this important topic here.

Current Air Quality on campus