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PreK girl in classroom with a magical panther

"Do you believe that the power to make the difference lies in you?"

These simple, yet impactful words spark introspection and instill strength in every student. They remind us that life is not a linear path; it's a rollercoaster ride filled with twists, turns, and unexpected obstacles. Yet, within each challenge lies an opportunity for growth and self-discovery. At ISB, we understand that a student's journey is rarely straightforward. Academic hurdles, international moves, personal setbacks, and moments of self-doubt are inevitable companions along the way. But what sets ISB apart is our unwavering commitment to nurturing each individual student’s Panther Spirit.

In the hustle and bustle of student life...

...amidst the stacks of textbooks and the cacophony of extracurricular activities, there lies a force that propels us forward: Panther Spirit.

At the International School Bangkok (ISB), this spirit is not just a motto; it's a way of life—a philosophy that guides students through the highs and lows of academic and personal endeavors. With a rigorous international curriculum accredited by US, AP, and IB standards, ISB offers a diverse array of academic pathways tailored to suit individual interests and aspirations. Whether students choose the IB Diploma Program, Advanced Placement courses, or pursue a personalized academic track, they are empowered to chart their own course toward success.

Yet, academic excellence is just one facet of Panther Spirit. Beyond the confines of the classroom, ISB cultivates a vibrant community where students are encouraged to explore their passions, embrace diversity, and forge lifelong friendships. Here, teachers, friends, parents, and family come together as pillars of support, providing the encouragement and guidance needed to overcome any obstacle.

Senior girls celebrating success


As Panthers, we understand that success is not merely a destination but a journey—a continuous pursuit of excellence fueled by the Panther Spirit that sustains us. With each challenge we overcome, we emerge stronger, wiser, and more prepared to take on the world.

So, do you believe in the #ISBPantherSpirit? If not, perhaps it's time to discover the untapped potential that lies within you. With over 70 years of academic excellence in Bangkok, ISB is uniquely positioned to offer all students the opportunity to realize their dreams. At ISB, we believe that once a Panther, Always a Panther—a testament to the enduring legacy of resilience, courage, and perseverance that defines our community.

Embrace the Panther Spirit. Embrace the journey.

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Do you believe... in school spirit?

As an international school, our students and families come from 60 different countries, speaking more than 38 languages. For many incoming families to ISB, the concept of Spirit Week is entirely new to them as it may not be a part of their culture at school. If you’ve ever wondered what Spirit Week is or why we do it, read on to find out.

School Spirit

Art Studio with panther

Do you believe... in possibilities?

ISB is a student-centered school. Proudly not-for profit, everything we do is for the benefit of our students, to enable them to thrive in this uniquely enriching international environment. With hundreds of clubs, activities and athletic pursuits to choose from, there really is something for everyone.

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Do you believe.. in the power of choice?

The High School at International School Bangkok is an exciting place of learning for students! Our inclusive and challenging US international curriculum offers opportunities for all students to learn at the highest levels and achieve their personal best. Learn more about our personalized programs.

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