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Interested in finding out more about what life would be like if you were a teacher or Administrator at ISB? On this page, we'll show you where you might live, and introduce you to a few new friends! 

Welcome from the Sunshine Committee and New Faculty Coordinators

Sunshine Committee

Transitions into a new school, city or even country, can be hard, so it is super important to us that a new member of staff has a positive and smooth transition, in order for them to feel confident and a sense of belonging as soon as possible. After all, for teachers, you have to jump straight in to inspiring students in each and every lesson, so the happier the new teacher, the happier the class! 

Hence why, at ISB, you will be greeted and cared for by dedicated new faculty coordinators. This small group of teachers will organize your collection and transfer from the airport and help you find your feet. You will be offered a welcome kit of essential groceries, bedding, towels and a fully furnished apartment, if you join Teacher Housing (most do). Practical trips such as IKEA, HomePro, Villa Market and Makro will be your first few outings, followed by less practical, but perhaps more enjoyable, trips to local coffee shops or for evening drinks with your joining cohort. You will also be offered Survival Thai lessons, including field trips to local markets or even a rice paddy. You will be helped to open a Thai bank account and lots of other practical advice such as home help, nannies, renting or hiring golf carts or scooters as well as setting up a mobile telephone and which apps to download to help you find the best Pad Thai or pizza delivery services! 

Throughout the year, the Sunshine Committee will keep you in great spirits with organized activities and little surprises to make you smile!

Meet ISB Teaching and Admin staff

Teacher Story, as told through a Middle School Migration Project

Enjoy this short film, created by Deeny in Grade 7, explaining Ms Murray's migration story and her experience joining ISB.

Samakee Smiles

Samakee - united; harmonious; in unison

The majority of our new teaching staff join the friendly community in our Teacher Housing, 'Samakee Gardens'. Located just a few minutes from school by bike or golf cart, Samakee Gardens offers a mixture of spacious 2 and 3 bedroom apartments plus five large Townhomes. The green and leafy community boasts two swimming pools, a basketball court, BBQ area, dog park, children's playground, a laundry room and more. Lasting friendships are easily made between inhabitants with regular events and get-togethers organized.