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Mission Vision


Our Vision

Enriching communities through the intellectual, humanitarian and creative thoughts and actions of our learners.


Our Mission

Through outstanding teaching and learning in a nurturing environment, ISB inspires students to achieve their academic and personal potential; be passionate, reflective learners; become a caring global citizens, and lead healthy, active, balanced lifestyles.


Definition of Learning

ISB values meaningful and transferable learning where we construct understanding by developing and applying knowledge, skills and attitudes. As learners, we develop and show our understanding when we:

  • Apply our learning to new situations
  • Inquire to extend our learning
  • Create solutions
  • Communicate our learning effectively to others
  • Make connections across our learning
  • Reflect critically on our learning


ISB Learner Attributes

Aaptable ISB Attributes

Can respond appropriately and with flexibililty to ambiguous or changing circumstances.

Value-driven ISB Attributes

Guided by our ISB values, promoting good citizenship and personal meaning.

Globally minded ISB Attributes

Invested in the world and its diversity, with an awareness of how actions can impact local and global communities.

Self-managing ISB Attibutes

Can independently direct, monitor, and evaluate personal behaviors, goals and time.

Socially intelligent ISB Attributes

Socially intelligent
Recognizes personal emotions and those of others, manages responses productively and collaborates effectively


Can develop innoative and imaginative ideas that have impact.

Future-proofing global citizenship

The process of visioning for ISB started with a question. What should ISB look like in the future?

We started by looking at the work of innovative schools and talked to industry leaders such as Tesla, Google, Instagram, we looked at data from places like the OECD, the World Economic Forum. From this research, we developed the attributes that we believe our students are going to need to flourish in the global society they are inheriting.

Socially Intelligent
Self Managing
Globally Minded
Value Driven

When we think about how we move forward with these attributes and to our learners to develop and take ownership of these skills so it shapes their future, we use the same strategy we use from a curricular perspective. When we think about our curriculum, we think about the end goal for our learners. When we think about mathematical mindedness or scientific exploration, or artistic expression, or language use, we want to be able to articulate what those big ideas that transcend all of the developmental levels are. We ensure that our pedagogy is really meeting the needs of these learners to help them to become independent thinkers and learners and also to be equipped with the knowledge and skill necessary from each content area. One of the unique aspects about ISB is that we ground ourselves in research and translate that into what is happening in the classroom.

We are there as teachers and counselors to support our students, to help build scaffolds for them along their educational journey.  However, ultimately, we want them to be able to perform and present without those scaffolds, building the concept of self-management in them. When they’re presented with a situation that they’re not really prepared for, they can draw upon all those key skills and that learning that they’ve had and they can work things out for themselves.

We are developing in our students attributes that are transferable so whatever happens in industry, whatever happens in global society, our students are really well positioned to have a significant impact on global communities.