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Our Governance

Board of Trustees

The ISB Board of Trustees’ (BOT) primary role is to set, support, review and promote the School’s mission. The ISB mission is to inspire students to achieve their academic potential, become passionate, reflective learners, caring global citizens, and lead healthy, active and balanced lives. In order to achieve this, the Board employs and supports the Head of School and conducts regular performance reviews. In addition, the Board oversees the School’s long-term financial stability and provides guidance and oversight to the strategic learning plan. The Board focuses on strategic issues, collaborating with and supporting ISB administrators who are responsible for day-to-day school business and affairs. The BOT is made up of 15 trustees, up to 11 of whom are elected by the International School Association (ISA) members. (Every parent or guardian of an ISB student is an ISA member.) Elected trustees serve a 2-year term commencing in August following the Annual General Meeting. Elections are held every year and positions are open to current parents or guardians who can commit to serving for two years. Up to 6 additional trustees are appointed by the Board itself. These appointed members also serve 2-year terms, which are renewable at the discretion of the BOT. The BOT elects as officers, a chairperson, a vice-chairperson, a treasurer and a secretary to serve 12-months terms. The BOT meets regularly throughout the school year. Once per semester, the BOT holds an open session to which all ISA members are invited. There are 3 permanent board committees: the Business Committee; the Committee on Trustees; and the Strategic Improvement and Learning Committee. The Head of School attends all BOT meetings as a non-voting participant. All Board of Trustee members are volunteers who do not receive compensation, financial or otherwise, for their service.

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