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The Main Cafeteria is open for breakfast and lunch, Mondays to Fridays from 6:30am – 1:00pm. Our Grind Café serves all day snacks and refreshments from 6:30am – 5:00pm, and is open on Saturdays from 8am – 1:00pm.

Ninety-five percent of the items served in the Cafeteria are home-made, hand-prepared and home baked right on site by our crew, Epicure Catering. We welcome a new delivery of produce and groceries daily, hence what you get is fresh and top quality. We strive to use mainly local ingredients, which not only retain the most nutrients due to short distances traveled, but also lessen our carbon footprint on the environment. Our offerings include Organic Produce, Eggs, Jasmine and Jasberry Rice. We believe basic is best, exactly what we strive to bring to all of those who dine with us.

Michelle Mueller Ihrig
Epicure Manager


Elementary school menu please click here.
This is a live menu updated for each week. Parents can check this link at any time to see the food choices on offer for your children.

Example of Middle and High School Menu
Students in Middle School and High School are sent an updated menu each day in the student bulletins, for them to be able to make their food choices for the day/week. This is particularly helpful for students with dietary restrictions or allergies. The menu above is an example of the choices on offer in a given week. 


In order to prove our high quality in food preparation and safety practices, ISB is audited by a professional, outside inspection company twice yearly – Diversey Consulting. Following a very strict food handling and safety procedures according to the U.S. FDA GMP guidelines, Diversey holds us accountable for ensuring our operating levels are of the industry’s highest standards.


Right next to the main Cafeteria is the Grind Café, featuring grab and go fruit, crudité, sandwiches, snacks and pastries. Feature refreshments include the homemade Limeade, Chiang Mai Iced Tea, and of course our ever popular fresh fruit smoothie selections. Watch for our smoothie of the month changing to a seasonal favorite each time. Best yet, all our beverages are served in our 100% Biodegradable Cups made from plant oils, not plastic.


The Cafeterias across campus aim to serve not only delicious but also highly nutritious and balanced meals. This holds especially true for our kitchen at ES, whose separate location allows the operation to be ES specific. The choices at the daily hot lunch buffet include 2 meat dishes, one vegetarian, vegetables of the day, rice and potatoes, 1 vegetable soup and 1 noodle soup. Next to this we have an extensive fruit and salad bar with over eight different varieties to choose from. We are proud to serve 100% organic, mixed white and brown rice, organic LF milk, and antibiotic and hormone free chicken. We receive a fresh delivery of produce and fruits on a daily basis. Best yet, all of our menus are prepared by scratch each day, leaving no menu to arrive ready-made or pre-packaged, hence your children receive the maximum nutritional benefit. We understand that nutrition and balancing meals is an important part of a learning environment and growing up to be the best we can. Unlike typical school lunches elsewhere, we find the children can’t wait for lunch time and are eager and excited every day to be dining with us.

For any further information or assistance required, please contact:



In addition to the choices shown on the menus, students further enjoy these options on a daily basis: 

  • A Fresh Fruit & Salad Bar
  • 100% mixed Organic Jasmine and Riceberry Rice
  • WW Tuna and Cheese SWs at the buffet
  • Antibiotic & Hormone Free Chicken
  • All Our Soups are Prepared with Chicken Homemade Stock from Scratch- no additions

Allergy Key:

* (V) = Vegetarian options (other than the options at the salad bar) *
* (F) = Fish ingredient * (GF) = Gluten Free * (EF) = Egg Free, * (DF) = Dairy Free

Contact: for any further inquiries.

We are working on getting the ingredient lists to be linked to the menu below, stay tuned!


ISB CupcakesDo you need goodies for a classroom birthday party? How about our festive cupcakes? The cafeteria at ISB supplies homemade treats direct from our bakery on campus, all to your liking. Choose from an array of flavors, the most popular being vanilla, banana chocolate chip, marble, or chocolate cupcakes. We also offer fruit skewers, special cookies and sheet cakes.

Please give us at least one week notice when placing an order. Orders can be delivered to any classroom upon request. Please note candles are not included.

Kindly contact: Ms. Michelle Ihrig, Manager of Epicure Catering at ISB – – for all catering orders, requests and arrangements.

We look forward to making your special occasion an easy one to remember!