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Panther Soccer

Panther football soccer

PFA is a football academy founded in Bangkok in 2016 by a group of professionals from Barcelona (Spain) who have a long and recognized experience in the world of teaching this sport internationally.

The main strength of PFA is the fact of having a highly qualified technical staff with international experience, a working methodology, a global reference, a very wide range of programs that ensure optimum quality standards, always respecting the particularities of each culture/community.

More details:

PFA is designed to develop the talent of the players (training age from 6 to 16 years old) and reach the best possible performance.

PFA promotes development of players in a natural way, not only the creative talent that each one possesses, but also to improve the individual performance and the collective achievement of the team.

PFA has a portfolio with hundreds of training sessions and over a thousand exercises, perfectly structured in ages and levels, aimed to work fundamental aspects of European Football.

Barcelona methodology is applied in our trainings and matches.

The methodology used is characterized by developing an offensive play style that combines efficiency and entertainment. We will always try to take the initiative in the game and maximize possession.

During the training sessions we will work on two phases of the game (offensive and defensive) and the transitions from one to the other, focusing on developing players technical skills and teaching how to “read the game” (knowing the best option in any real game situation).

At PFA we have developed the FAIR PLAY concept whose main objective is to provide a space where young athletes can practice sports in an educated, responsible, safe and healthy manner. At PFA we focus on those areas that have a positive impact on the physical, emotional and athletic development of young players.

Starting with self-respect, showing respect to others such as teammate, opponent, coach, referee, judge, and fans, as well as also respecting the facilities, premises and the Rules of the Game is an essential feature of every player and coach of PFA.

PFA has its own Child Protection Policy and Code of Good practices.

The health and safety of participants in any program of PFA is our main concern.

PFA ensures a rigorous selection process for staff and also the non-admission of people who do not comply with the professional and personal profile.


Who To Contact

For more information, please contact Panther Soccer coordinator JORDI BARTES at