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Panther Basketball

Panther  Sport Basketball

At Panther Basketball we specialize in teaching and promoting the game of basketball at the youth and high school levels. Our programs include after school activities, camps, individual and small group training, and specialized clinics. Each program is designed to be age-appropriate, engaging, and enjoyable. Most importantly we aim to equip our players with the skills and the knowledge to become the best basketball players and young people they can possibly be.

The program is founded on a simple and straightforward recipe we call the 5 Golden Rules for Success. We meet every child at their individual skill level and build them up to their highest potential.

Our primary aim is to use basketball as a vehicle to teach players important life lessons about hard work and determination, teamwork, leadership, and courage. We hope to inspire the next generation of leaders on and off the court.

Our Mission is to share our passion for the game of basketball with the next generation of young players. We believe this starts with instilling a deep appreciation and understanding of how the game is meant to be played.

​The Panther Basketball program is led by Ike Nwankwo, a member of the 1995 NCAA championship basketball team at UCLA and a former NBA player. After a year on Thailand’s professional ABL team, Ike traded in his basketball shoes for a whistle. Since 2010 he has been devoted to spreading the love of the game and coaching the sport that has brought him so much joy and success.

​​Our coaching staff includes current and former professional, university, and national team players from countries around the globe. We offer the most serious and informative, and at the same time the most enjoyable basketball clinics in the region.

​Success on the basketball court is based on knowing and executing the proper fundamentals in game situations. As young players learn the game of basketball they are prone to pick up bad habits — habits that are difficult to break as they get older. We believe in carefully instilling the proper fundamentals of shooting, passing, ball handling, and footwork. These core skills are consistently reinforced with hours of practice and repetition through stimulating drills.

Whether your child is a serious player with aspirations of playing at the highest levels, or a fan of the sport who enjoys playing as a hobby, we guarantee your child will see an improvement in their basketball skill level, athleticism, and confidence after training with us.

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