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Panther Baseball and Softball

Panther Baseball

Beginner Skill Development

The Beginner Skill Development group is perfect for players who want to improve their fundamental skills to play baseball games. We will cover throwing, catching, hitting, and basic gameplay concepts over the 10 weeks. This activity is open to everyone who is interested in the appropriate age range.

Advanced Defense & Pitching

The Advanced Defense & Pitching Group is designed for players who want to improve their defensive skills. To be accepted into the group, students must have fundamental skills such as consistent catching, throwing, and fielding. Over the 10 weeks, players will participate in more advanced infield, outfield, and pitching drills while building upon their solid baseline skills.

Advanced Hitting

he Advanced Hitting Group is designed for players who want to take their hitting to the next level. Students in this group should have a basic understanding of the batting stance, swing, and hitting approach. Over the 10 weeks, we will fine-tune batting technique and skills, along with learning a more advanced approach to hitting

Team Concepts & Gameplay

Team Concepts & Gameplay is for advanced players that want to continue playing competitive games and developing their in-game skills. Over the 10 weeks, players will learn about team defense, advanced hitting and pitches strategies, and how to be a great teammate. Each week players can expect to practice for 90 minutes and then play scrimmage games for the remaining 90 minutes. Admittance to Team Concepts & Gameplay will ultimately be determined by the coaching staff based upon over skillset, attitude, and player safety.

Who to Contact

For more information please contact Panther Baseball and Softball coordinator, Zachery Wade at