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Every child is an Artist


Experience the Arts at ISB

The Arts at ISB are composed of a body of specialized subject areas including visual arts, dance, music and theater. Arts education benefits the student because it cultivates the whole child, gradually building many kinds of literacy while developing intuition, reasoning, imagination and dexterity into unique forms of expression and communication. The arts are often an impetus for change, challenging old perspectives from fresh angles of vision, or offering original interpretations of familiar ideas. Through offering a variety of artistic opportunities, ISB seeks to engage students in a process that helps them develop the self-confidence, self-discipline, co-operation and self-motivation necessary for success in life, whilst equipping them with the skills that will enable them to enjoy, appreciate and participate in some aspect of the arts throughout their lives.

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Art Programs

Community Events

Plays and Musicals at ISB

Every year high school students get the opportunity to be a part of the Fall Production, which alternates yearly between a straight play and a musical. Throughout this process - which is 'no cut' activity open to every student who auditions - rehearsals take place up to four times a week focusing on characterisation, line delivery, vocal work, blocking and staging, and - if it is a musical - dance and movement. As well as developing specific theatrical performance skills, students also learn about teamwork, time-management, develop confidence, make new friends, understand and empathize with the broad spectrum of the human experience, and develop an awareness of how to use gesture, movement, voice and stage space to enhance meaning in other curriculum areas, such as public speaking or debate.

Past productions have included musicals like Legally Blonde, High School Musical, Anything Goes and The Addams Family, and plays such as Almost, Maine, Romeo and Juliet, Blue Stockings and Museum. Scripts are chosen in a way that provides a student with an array of different styles and themes to experience over their high school career.

Artists Under the Stars

A bi-annual event hosted by the high school Arts Council featuring performances from students and other members of the community. High school clubs are also invited to host a booth either selling snacks or running fair-style games.

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The cultural center at ISB opened in the fall of 2010, housing all World Language classrooms and secondary performing arts classrooms including studios and flexible learning spaces.

rendition of Chevron theater

Renovation of Chevron Theater

With the recent approval of the Board of Trustees for the Chevron Theater and Gallery renovation, we wanted to confirm that construction will start in June of 2023. Projected to be one of the premier venues for the Arts in Bangkok when completed, the new theater/gallery compound will provide both a hub for ISB's school culture, and a bridge between ISB, Thailand and the world!!!

  • co-curricular
Concerts and Productions
ISB is a one of the busiest concert houses in Bangkok. Band concerts, Strings concerts, Drama productions from Elementary school and up, students are given ample opportunity to test their skills and build confidence on stage. These events are student produced, from the performances to the stage set up and lighting and are a vital part of their performing arts education.
  • co-curricular
Students are given various opportunities to display their work, be it in the central area at ISB, in the exhibition space in the Theaters or Libraries or in popular Bangkok venues, such as the Bangkok Arts and Cultural Center (BACC).
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Performing Arts
Performance Arts programs encompass a wide range of offerings for students, allowing them to choose and flourish in the area they are most passionate about. Students explore the arts through music, dance and drama from a young age and build confidence as artists and performers. The Arts are a core part of our curriculum at ISB as we recognize the positive impact these subject areas have on students overall well-being and learning. ISB is one of the few schools to host all the Performance Arts programs at the IB (International Baccalaureate) Diploma level in Grade 11 and 12.


Ruj (Gino) Tandalak ‘27

The experiences that I gained from partaking in courses such as drama, choir, and musicals have had a huge impact on my identity and friendships, allowing me to enhance my self-confidence when it comes to expressing myself in front of so many people.

Disciplines: Choir, Drama
Involved in: Choir AMIS, Choir IASAS, fruit carving, and participated in the HS Musical Legally Blonde.

Visiting Artists

Each year, we welcome professional artists to ISB. They inspire our students, widen their perspective and impart invaluable advice about the opportunities for professional careers in the arts. Past visitors include, but are not limited to, Alex Face, M.E.N., KYP Gumboot Dancers, D.L.D and more.

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