ISB Panther Gymnastics – class description


Gymnastics Beginner 1 BEGINNER 1 is a fun and exciting introduction to movement and gymnastics for our young ISB Panthers. Students will use games and easy exercises to learn beginning gymnastics skills and to help them develop balance, agility and flexibility. Coaches will also work with them using instruction and play to encourage skill-building in areas such as concentration, following directions, taking turns, and listening. Tuesday class is for Pre-K 2 to Kindergarten (must be 4 years old by Sept 1 of enrollment year). No previous experience required. Saturday class is for Pre-K1 to Kindergarten (must be 3 years old by Sept 1 of enrollment year). Classes are 45 minutes or 1 hour. Coach to gymnast ratio is 1:4. Girls and Boys.
Gymnastics Beginner 2 BEGINNER 2 is for students who wish to further develop their rolls, handstands, bridges and cartwheels on floor; casting and pullovers on bars; walking, mounting and dismounting on beam and basic vaulting. Participants will be encouraged to develop strength, flexibility and balance needed for intermediate and advanced gymnastics classes. This class is for kindergarten to grade 2. No previous experience required. Classes are 1 hour. Coach to gymnast ratio is 1:6. Girls and Boys.
Gymnastics Intermediate INTERMEDIATE GYMNASTICS is for gymnasts who want to work on the next levels of their gymnastics skills on the floor and on each apparatus. Focus will be on learning and perfecting the detailed routines included in the Australian Level Program that is utilized for competition at ISB and with other schools. Gymnasts will be coached on perfecting the details of these movements including ideal body posture and position for each. This class is for kindergarten to grade 12. Experience: Australian Levels Program 1 – 3. Classes are 2 hours. Coach to gymnast ratio is 1:6. Girls and Boys.
Gymnastics Advanced ADVANCED GYMNASTICS is for gymnasts who possess a strong background in the basics, and have perfected many of the intermediate level skills. Participants in this class will work on advanced level skills including handsprings, beam tumbling, high bar skills and more competitive routines at ALP levels 4 and higher. These routines include more rigorous training in strength, flexibility and dance movements. This class is for grades 3-12. Experience: Australian Levels Program 4 and up. Classes are 2 or 3 hours. Coach to gymnast ratio is 1:6. Girls and Boys.
Tumbling TUMBLING is offered to students who wish to work on floor gymnastics skills. Students will work on strength and tumbling drills to help them improve their skills for fun, competition or try-outs in other athletic activities. This class is for grades 6-12. No previous experience required. Classes are 2 hours. Coach to gymnast ratio is 1:6. Girls and Boys.
Gymnastics Coaches Invitational Class MONDAY COACH INVITATIONAL CLASS is open to passionate gymnasts who have demonstrated advanced commitment and responsibility, and who are interested in competing at most of the meets. We will focus on the competitive aspect of the sport and the coaching is structured for gymnasts inspired by the competitive element of the sport. This class is by invitation only: If this class is appearing in your menu, your gymnast has been “invited” and is welcome to register for this class.This class meets once per week on Monday from 3:40 to 6:40pm. You must select at least 1 another 2hrs class. You are expected to participate in the competition as much as getting the invitation. You accept the intensive training & conditioning for improving body and skills. You are highly expected to have good discipline in training. This means staying on task, listening to the coach’s comments, staying focused and giving each practice your best attempt.


ISB Panther Gymnastics Camps offer a chance for gymnasts to keep up practice during school breaks. Camps are offered during school breaks in August, October, January, February and June. Camps are open for ISB Pre-K 1 to Grade 12 students and external students if spaces are available.

The camps are a recreational camp to learn new skills and to have fun doing a lot of tumbling and games that use gymnastics movements. It is not a camp to prepare for competition or to focus strictly on routines.

The classes are usually 2 hours, divided into 2-3 sessions, depending on age and gymnastics level. Sessions are flexible so that participants can attend as many or as few days as they like. Panther Gymnastics need a minimum of 4 gymnasts per session to run.

Please note: 

  • Summer Camps in June and August is open to all ISB students and with or without gymnastics experience.
  • October, January and February break camp is open to current gymnastics members.

Private Lessons

Panther Gymnastics offers private lessons on Saturdays from 2:30-4:30. You can either arrange 1 hour or 2 hours private hour.

Private lessons 550 thb per hour 1:1
Private lessons 450 thb per hour 1:2 & 3.

Please contact for booking and more information.