For students who would like to have more training sessions, you can register from any of our other Top Flight programs on the weekend.

We will have a full-time NBBL Coordinator, Coach Jemmy, in the Panther Den (Activities Office). Coach Jemmy will be in the office from 9:00-13:00 on Tuesday and Thursday to answer questions and address any issues you have. Coach Jemmy will also be available by phone and email.

Coach Jemmy will also attend every practice session and be there on game days to ensure the league runs smoothly.

The Top Flight Support Team will also be available via email and LINE in addition to the coordinator.

Contact Telephone Numbers (Monday-Friday 9:00-17:00)

English & Thai: +66952544347 or +66843595681

My child’s friends/siblings are in an older/younger division.

We also have timing issues that would make it easier for our children to play at different times.

Can my child play in a different age division?

Maybe. In some cases, Coach Ike and The Top Flight Coaches may feel that a player is advanced enough to move them to an older Division.

As parents, you reserve the right to refuse your child being moved up for any reason (timing, disagree with the assessment, etc.). In these cases, you will be given a full refund of your registration fees if you disagree with our assessment.

That being said, for organization purposes, parents must register their child for the age-appropriate division (Parents, please be prepared to show proof of age on assessment day; birth certificate, school registration documents). We will strictly be enforcing age groups this year.

This year, we will have one Practice Day (Monday-Thursday) and one official Game Day (Friday-Saturday) every week of the regular season (8 weeks) with a championship tournament at the end of the season (May 21-22).

For the most part, team selections are based on our coaches’ assessments of each player’s ability. Team formations are based on one aim in mind: to make divisions as balanced as possible to ensure a better experience for all of the players in the league. We try to encourage our players to make new friends and learn how to work with their teammates during the course of the season.

Yes, the league is perfect for beginners and experienced players alike. All of the coaches on our staff have experience working with students of all skill levels. Beginners should not be intimidated to join. The league has an even mix of beginners, intermediate and advanced skill level players. This year players will be divided based on skill level and experience within each division.

Yes, the registration is open to students from ALL schools.
See the instruction at the bottom of this email.
The registration fee is 5,000THB, and this included a jersey, team photo, and a trophy at the end of the season.
For the beginning of the season, we ask our players to wear shorts, a T-shirt, and basketball shoes/sneakers. The official NBBL jersey will be provided before the 1st official game day.
No. The week-day practice (Monday-Friday) is a team practice. Each team practices one time per week. We opened more practice days to allow more kids to participate in the league, but students can only practice once a week with their teams. Please be sure to register for the day that works best in your child’s schedule.