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Panther Xtreme

Panther Xtreme is a new program for students to experience and learn skateboarding! ISB has partnered with 3 companies --School of Miller, Preduce and Par Core -- to provide classes for ISB students.

Skateboarding is more than a sport. It has significant benefits for children development, improves health and fitness, builds decision-making skills and teaches patience and perseverance. As a young kid or teenager searching who you are and what you can be, being a skateboarder gives you an identity, the feeling of belonging to a group, a sense of acceptance by your peers and helps you build confidence.

We believe the teachings skateboarding offer can be applied to other endeavors you choose to pursue in your life. Students as young as 5 years old can join!


The Panther Xtreme skateboard program is a partnership between ISB and Preduce skateboards, Thailand’s premiere skateboard company. The program offers a fun and safe way for beginners to discover skateboarding and, for more advanced skateboarders, a chance to improve their skills under the supervision of our certified instructors who are all professional skateboarders.

School of Miller 

The Flatland Co., Ltd. are the Thailand official distributor of Miller Division, skate brands from Spain. They represent “School of Miller” – Surfskate & Skateboard School. They have been teaching surfskate to thousands of kids for years as well as offering surfskate training in some of the international schools in Bangkok, which have been taught by our Professional Coaches from Miller Division Thailand. They also provide all needed equipment: surfskates, helmets and protection gears.

Par Core 



Class Outline

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