When notified that sign-up is open for a semester, register each child for PNLA-[Language] in CHQ. (Log in to PowerSchool, select which child, and then click Activities/Athletics to enter CHQ.)

ISB’s Native Language Coordinator will then form classes based on registered students’ schedules, language needs, and age. This information is often gathered from parents by email and by Google Forms.

Please note that Panther Native Language Academy is not a beginning language program. Its mission is to help families maintain their children’s native languages while they also study in English at ISB.


How to use CHQ

Step by step instructions for navigating CHQ can be found HERE. For ISB parents, log into PowerSchool, then press the CHQ button on the left side of your screen. Parents of students not attending ISB will need to register each child, one at a time, directly on CHQ. Once in CHQ you will find an account for each of your children. In each of their accounts, you will only be able to see the activities for that child’s age group and grade level. Where available, you may click the blue “i” to the right of each activity title for a description of that activity. Please be mindful to ensure the activities you choose are indeed those that your child wants to attend.

Fees and Attendance

Payment for all Panther Activities is expected before the first day of participation.