Dear Parents,


CLICK HERE for registration form, open Tuesday 6:00pm, February 22nd and close Friday, February 25th at 3pm.


PDF Downloadable: Panther (ES) Explore Booklet 2021-2022 2nd semester


The Online Registration will open Tuesday, February 22nd and close Friday, February 25th at 3pm.

Our Elementary School Explore Program brings students and adults together in meaningful and rewarding co-curricular activities. These activities are an important piece in your child’s learning experience . . . and they also are lots of fun! Our Panther (ES) Explore Program instructors are parents, teachers, instructional assistants and other professionals who are eager to spend this valuable time with your children.

ISB’s Panther (ES) Explore Program recognizes and celebrates that learning can take many different forms. Sometimes it can look like work in a classroom and sometimes it can look like play. While it might look like “play” to us adults, to children, there never really is a time when “learning is ‘supposed’ to happen”.

On any afternoon, a tour of our wide range of Panther (ES) Explore Program will reveal our ES children happily engaged in activities that add a special dimension to their learning experience here at ISB.

Because of the wide ranging interests and needs of our ES children, our program aims to give all our students the opportunity to explore and develop new interests, as well as having the chance to develop interests or skills they already have.

If you have any questions, or if you have any suggestions for additions to our program, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Livnat Ziskinder
ES Explore Program Coordinator
Panther Den Office (02-963-5800 x 1198)




  • ES Explore Program booklet available online.
  • Activities Begin on Monday, March 7th.



The Online Registration and Payment will open Tuesday, February 22nd at and close Friday, February 25th at 3pm.

All classes have a minimum enrollment level of ten (10) students. If an offering does not reach minimum enrollment, that activity will be cancelled and you will be contacted to make another choice.

If your child needs to withdraw from an activity please contact the ES Explore Program coordinator directly.

This must be done before the ES Explore Program schedule has started.

There is a NO REFUND policy for ES Explore Program.

If your child wishes to switch ES Explore Program choice we would ask that this be done prior to the 3rd ES Explore Program session.

As you can imagine, the set up of each semester is quite hectic! Having you meet one time-deadlines, fully completing applications and making correct payments helps us tremendously.