PDF Downloadable: Panther (ES) Explore Booklet 2020-2021 2nd semester

The Online Registration will open Friday, January 29th at 3pm and close Wednesday, February 3rd at 3pm.

If your child is not placed in their 1st Choice he/she will be placed in the listed 2nd Choice activity for that day providing that the activity has not reached maximum enrollment. If the replacement activity is also full, you will be contacted to make another choice.

All classes have a minimum enrollment level of twelve (10) students. If an offering does not reach minimum enrollment, that activity will be cancelled, and your child will be placed in their listed 2nd Choice, or you will be contacted to make another choice.

If you are not contacted, you may assume that your child has been placed in either their first choice or second choice activity.

If your child needs to withdraw from an activity please contact the ES Explore Program coordinator directly. This must be done before the ES Explore Program schedule has started.

There is a NO REFUND policy for ES Explore Program.

If your child wishes to switch ES Explore Program choice we would ask that this be done prior to the 3rd ES Explore Program session.

As you can imagine, the set up of each semester is quite hectic! Having you meet one time-deadlines, fully completing applications and making correct payments helps us tremendously.