Student Life

Coaches & Instructors

Children are born scientists. The fascinating hands-on science experiments use stuff you probably have around the house. Enjoy the fun science experiments and make cool projects with easy ideas. Boost your science skills in a safe environment.

Learn to design and make models like house, building, bridge and more as a beginning Architecture.

Develop creative thinking and learn how to play the two player strategy board game.

Clay works(Formerly known as JumpingClay) – 3 Dimensions “Unlimited Experiences!” The program is specifically designed for children to develop creative expressions, confidence, positive out-of-the-box thinking and motor skills.
Our certified Trainers use premium Polymer Clay that is safe for kids, needs no adhesives, readily mixes colors and leaves no cracks, when dried naturally in air.

Coding is fun, a fantastic and fabulous skill for elementary students like you. Come learn how to write computer code and watch your computer come alive. We will learn beginning skills and then use those skills to create wonderful programs and games.

Cool art club is a fun club for students grade 3, 4 and 5 to come and extend their art practice. Projects will include clay, sculpture, paint, drawing and printing. Students will be guided through their art works allowing for freedom of exploration and personal expression.

Students will learn new concepts of cooking as they prepare and eat the food. This activity is a good hands-on experience in baking and making treats. It is exciting to work with food and see how recipes turn out. Kitchen rules, hygiene, proper use of equipment and measuring will also be learned. All materials will be provided.

Come explore your inner inventor with an all new makerspace class in the high school Invention Center. This class combines common art construction materials such as tape, cardboard and recyclables with the amazing electronics and sensors of Little Bits. Build a robot that waves, a pressure activated alarm system or whatever else your imagination can come up with.

Panther Choir is an ensemble for anyone who would like to experience singing music from different cultures and styles outside of our elementary music classes. Students will learn techniques to build confidence with their singing voice, and enjoy singing together in a group. Students will also have the opportunity to add movement or choreography. There is no audition to
join Panther Choir, and it is a year long activity. For more information, including an introductory video,

Panther Orff Ensemble is a musical ensemble for anyone who would like to experience music through singing, movement, and playing instruments ES After School Activities outside of our elementary music classes. Students will explore a variety of musical pieces from a variety of cultures, and will have opportunities to create, improvise, and perform in a fun, playful environment. There is no audition to join Panther Orff Ensemble, and it is a year long activity.

Do you love to play the violin, viola, cello or string bass? Think about joining the Panther String Ensemble. Participation in Panther String Ensemble will allow you to learn and grow as a musician and performer, all while having fun with kids who love music too! This ensemble is free of charge for ISB students in grades 3, 4, and 5 and who are currently enrolled in private strings
lessons, or by permission of the instructor, Ms. Stewart

Students will design a desktop lamps for the 1st project using metal rods and soft wire to form the structure frame, create the designed lamp with paper clay. The 2nd project is the “steady hand game “using brass rods to create the shape before attaching to the base. Both projects students will gain knowledge about the LED circuit and wiring experiences.

Learn new songs on your recorder in a fun, slightly competitive, environment!

Enjoy landscape, Seascape and cityscape painting using watercolors.

Design your own personal items such as tape dispensers, mobile phone stands and small games out of beautiful rubberwood.

Perfect for boys & girls in Grades K – 5. This program offers the children the chance to be active and “jam” to music. Aside from not requiring any previous dance training, Zumba Kids is also designed to appeal to children who are not attracted to traditional physical activities and team sports. Classes incorporate enjoyable activities that also promote childhood development elements like respect, leadership and teamwork, confidence, creativity and cultural awareness.