Early August, registration opens through the online portal. This is advertised in the weekly e-newsletter under Panther Activities. Payment collected through the online portal. Registration at the beginning of session 1 and session 3 to confirm class.

Panther Dance registration and payment covers both session 1 (Aug 29-Nov 4) and session 2 (Nov 7-Feb 3). By signing up, participants will be automatically enrolled when session 2 registration is open in October. Same with session 3 (Feb 6-April 21) and session 4 (April 24-June 9).

Panther Dance relies strongly on support from parents. When enrolling a student in session 3, an additional 3,000 THB will be collected. Families able to volunteer will receive a partial refund of up to 3,000 THB returned in June after helping with BOTH a performance and 2 hours Ticket Sale, Photo Day, Photo/Proof Delivery or Dress Rehearsal.

Fees are set at 500 THB a class, 600 THB 1.5h class (plus Panther Activity fee), based on the number of classes scheduled. All fees are due at registration.

Panther Activities has a “No Refund” policy. There will be no refunds for missed sessions due to child illness or personal holidays.

CCA (Co-Curricular Activities) Registration on PowerSchool

Sign ups for Panther Activities are just a few clicks away. Simply log into PowerSchool and click the CCA Registration button to start exploring the many activities available for your child.

Payment & Enrollment

Payment is required to register for any pay-to-play programs with the exception of Panther Music which is set up as ‘interest only’ with payments due after lesson times and teacher availability have been confirmed.  Scholastic, or ‘free’ programs require simply one click on the “register” button associated with each activity to enroll a student. Note that some programs have a limited number of participant spaces and that registration will be blocked once an activity is full.


The two reasons we would consider a refund are:

  1. Your child has a medical issue that requires them to stop an activity (documentation is required). 
  2. Your family is leaving the country in the middle of the season. 

Cancellations & Changes

Every effort will be made to make up weather related cancellations however refunds will not be issued for activities that are canceled due to circumstances beyond the control of Panther Activities or Athletics. We reserve the right to make necessary administrative modifications (i.e. instructor, combining classes, location, cancellations, etc.). Changes will be promptly communicated to the email address provided with your registration.