Ballet All levels: Pink tights and pink ballet slippers. No shorts.

ES Ballet Gr 1 – 3: Pink leotards. No skirts.

ES Ballet Gr 4 – 5: Black leotards. Wrap-around ballet skirts not

required but are acceptable

MS/HS Ballet: Any color leotards. Wrap-around ballet skirts are

not required but are acceptable

Boys – Ballet: White t-shirt, black tights/sweat pants, black slippers.

PK/KG Dance: Comfortable clothing suitable for movement. Girls

pink ballet slippers, for Boys – black Jazz shoes.

Jazz & Street / Hip Hop: Black Tank Leotard and jazz pants, black jazz shoes.

Contemporary: Tank Top/Leotard and Yoga Pants/Sports Shorts.

“Eclipse Shoes”.

Tap: Comfortable clothing suitable for movement. Black Tap Shoes.


Dance Plus Academy 

Central Plaza Chaengwattana 11 flr. (Lifts near MacDonalds/Starbucks).
Tel. 02-8353708-9 , 088-2551975   Email : danceplusacademy@hotmail.com

Jazz / Ballet Shoes. Suggest contacting them before visit – limited opening hours.


Sansha Dancewear – http://www.bangkokballetshop.com
3rd Floor, Zone D, MBK, in the short Corridor between Car Park and Mall.

Daily 11am to 19.30pm. Telephone 081-9031470081-902 1355.
Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary


Sonata Dancewear Store www.sonatathailand.com
BTS Phayathai, Exit 1, Phayathai Plaza Building 6th Floor, Phayathai Rd. Monday – Saturday 11am – 7.30pm.    Tel: 02 041 1400 .   Email: admin@sonatathailand.com
Ballet, Jazz, Tap. Specialty for Pointe Shoe Fitting

Our Pk / Kg Classes are designed for younger dancers. They are taught the basics of Ballet & Jazz by a Ballet Teacher. They are the appropriate level for Pk and Kg Dancers.

Street is more elemental; less technique based more attitude.

Contemporary is a style of expressive dance, combining elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements.

Assessments are not a Pass / Fail Test they provide us with information on where to appropriately place students.

Outside of After School Dance, dancers are also offered the opportunity to audition for Middle school and High School dance clubs and for the IASAS cultural convention.

IASAS Cultural Convention: Drama, Art, Dance

Art Programs

We find that students are better able to focus on instruction in a studio, which doesn’t allow space for parental viewing.

Should a class be cancelled due to an unforeseen event like a school cancellation or the inability of the instructor to attend, the class will be rescheduled where possible. In the event that your student is not able to make a class, we cannot offer make-up classes.

The fee covers Instruction, End of year Performance Costume, Performance T-shirt, Performance Recording. Families are responsible for dance shoes for class and stage, classroom dancewear and a nude leotard for Girls Grade 1 – 12 to wear underneath the performance costume.

Subject to School Policy.

Class availability and size are based on the demand of students and the availability of dance teachers. Each year, we plan in advance many of the popular staple classes of the program such as beginning jazz, ballet, street/hip hop and tap and build additional schedules based on verbal commitments and communications with dance students. This means that those interested in taking dance should complete a survey to help the coordinators identify demand.

Please see “Calendar/Schedule” for a complete list of current classes being offered by the Panther Dance program.