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Panther Dance is a full-year recreational dance program. Our major goal is for students to experience the joy of dance, enrich their skills, and learn to appreciate this art. Specialized instructors from the greater Bangkok area teach a range of classes, from beginner to advanced levels. Dancers from Pre-K1 to Grade 12 participate in weekly ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop and contemporary classes. Skills are highlighted at the end of the school year during two exciting dance productions featuring lights, costumes and the unique choreographed dance of each class. Registration required for Session 1-2 and Session 3-4.

Session 1-2: The focus is on technique, dance vocabulary and specific dance skills that will be used for the performance in May.
Session 3-4: The main goal is preparing the performance using the foundation of previous sessions, students practice choreography, advanced movements, and expression.





Dance PK/ KG
The major goal is for children to experience the joy of dance, by exploring basic dance movements, physical and space awareness, developing balance, coordination and basic motor skills. Different styles of music will help children build an understanding of rhythm. This class is also designed to help the young students develop concentration and gain an understanding of the classroom community.

A graceful and enchanting art form, ballet is a very demanding discipline, which brings strength, confidence and appreciation for music. The students will learn the fundamental elements of classical ballet at either the beginning or intermediate/advanced level, in a structured yet fun setting, developing proper body alignment, musicality and improving fitness through barre and center work.

Exciting and fun, jazz dance is full of energy. Nowadays jazz combines dance moves from many different genres from musical theatre to street dance making for a very upbeat form of dancing. Students will learn jazz dance technique, including isolation movements, preparation for turns, leaps and learn choreography in various styles.

The emphasis is on the flow of movement encouraging students to find rhythms and beats not only in music, but in their own bodies as well. The focus of each tap class is to improve the student’s sound clarity, rhythm and musicality, timing and phrasing. Class exercises will help build flexibility of the knees and ankles and enhance speed of movement in a fun, nurturing environment.

A fun, energetic class building confidence, style and groove!
The focus is on developing rhythm and coordination while encouraging individual style and freedom. These fast-paced, athletic, energetic types of dances are often seen in music videos and commercials.

Is a non-codified dance, incorporating elements from many styles of dance from ballet to jazz. There are no boundaries to movements, using other genres such as Yoga or Kung Fu, mime theater. The combinations develop posture, coordination and memorization with a strong focus on movement qualities using different styles of music.

Pre-Pointe & Ballet Technique*
An extension of classical ballet where a ballet dancer supports all body weight on the tips of fully extended feet within pointe shoes. The goal is to work on improving strength and flexibility, using correct alignment and proper positioning through floor work, barre and center practice. The dancers will perform all the exercises on demi-pointe in Ballet slippers until they are ready to go on pointe. This decision will be at the discretion of the teacher. This class will also greatly benefit dancers wishing to improve their ballet technique.
*This class is not performing

This is a class for advanced students who have reached the level to be on Pointe. It will include more complex and difficult technique exercises. Pointe work will be emphasized.
*These students are expected to take at least one ballet class a week

Technique Private*
Technique Private Classes are designed to supplement regular classes.
and are available for Individuals or small groups. The focus is on technique, dance vocabulary and specific dance skills tailored to individual’s learning needs and pace.

*This class is not performing

Creative Dance
Creative Dance is a contemporary form of dance in which students will explore fundamental movement concepts including Space, Time, Force, Body & Movement. Dancers will be guided to practice basic movement patterns as well as develop beginning contemporary dance technique. Creative Dance is a wonderful opportunity for students to grow and learn together while developing physical skills, channeling energy, stimulating imagination and creativity.


Contact: Yoona
Panther Dance Coordinator