Student Life


The ISB Middle School Activities Program at ISB aims to provide a wide variety of opportunities for our Middle School students in recognition of the powerful learning that can take place in co-curricular activities chosen by students to enhance their passions. Middle school is also a time when many of our students are ready to explore service to their community, experience humanitarian ideals and behaviours and become caring global citizens.

Each year at ISB, teachers sponsor over 30 activities in the Middle School. Club offerings include activities focusing on service, culture, arts, adventure, sports, academics, the environment and community. Our program is flexible in the choices it gives our students. Some activities are one time events, some meet regularly but are informal, and a number of activities require a significant commitment. Most of the Middle School activities are cost-free, and registration is done directly with the activity sponsor at the first meeting, rather than through a formal registration process.

Where dates are to be confirmed (TBC) announcements will be made in the “Good Morning Middle School” announcements prior to the event or first meeting. Parents, to receive the Middle School Daily Student Announcements each day as an email. Please complete and submit the subscription form. If you do not begin receiving the student announcements within a few days, please contact Mr. Baron-Toaldo at

Please click on the link here to see a full list of activities offered this year.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

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Lien Indigne
MS Activities Coordinator
Ph: 029635800 ext 6610