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Panther Volleyball

This year ISB is creating a volleyball club, we are doing so with the intention of giving interested students the chance to work on, and improve their skills outside of the school seasons. It is also done with the desire to strengthen the ISB volleyball program. To allow ISB to be as competitive as possible in both our local BISAC competitions as well as our Varsity IASAS competition.We are emailing all of you directly as you have been involved in ISB volleyball teams either this year, Varsity and Junior Varsity. Or last year U15/U13.

To allow everyone the chance to practice and play at an appropriate level, players that sign up for Panther Volleyball will placed in skill/experience levelled groups, this will be done at the coaches discretion.

Not only will we be practicing our skills but we will be looking for appropriate competition to play, this may be against local Thai teams. We have also inquired about potential travel opportunities to tournaments in Singapore.

We are incredibly lucky to have four of the five Varsity coaches involved, Mr and Mrs Barnes, Mr Stephenson and Mr Harter.

For more information please contact Panthers Volleyball coordinator, Joseph BARNES at

Panther Volleyball Level

I know what volleyball is but my experience is limited to P.E. classes and other informal settings. I am yet to take part to take part in formal practices or games.
I have been part of an ISB age group volleyball team, U13/U15. I know what all of the volleyball skills are, but I struggle to execute them with consistency.
I have been part of an ISB High School team, Junior Varsity or Varsity. I confident with all volleyball skills. I am comfortable with both serve receive and defensive patterns.
*If you have been on multi school teams use the most recent as indicator.
** Final level placement is entirely at the Panther Volleyball coaches discretion.
As stated in the flyer the cost for the 10 session season is 3,000THB, all funds go towards the club expenses like player tops and uniforms! Registration will take place through the CAO office and website, and will be open next week. In the meantime please let me know directly

if you have any questions, please contact Joseph BARNES

Panther Volleyball 2019-20 coming soon!