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Panther Rugby Academy

Rugby is a game that has a place for students of all shapes and sizes where success is only achieved through collective team effort. With this basic principal of team spirit at its core, the Panther Rugby Academy program is designed to develop the basic fundamental rugby skills of catching, passing, tackling and running. In addition, students will be coached on basic set-piece play with an emphasis on sevens rugby. Regarding opportunities for competition, we will look to arrange seven-a-side games against other schools/clubs to enable students to test their newly acquired skills. The U19 group will focus on both seven-a-side and ten-a-side competitions.

For more information please contact Panther Rugby coordinator, Andy McRobbie at

U19 Panther Rugby Academy

The Panther Rugby Academy run every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 17:00 – 18:15pm.

The Academy will be open to all potential and current rugby players in MS and HS. Two of the sessions each week will be skill coaching based whilst the third session will concentrate on rugby specific strength and condition training.

The first session will be Tuesday 3rd September and the Season will run until the October break, the final session being Thursday 10th October giving a total of 18 sessions.

The cost will be 9,400THB for participation in three sessions per week or 6,400THB for two sessions per week.

U9 / U 11: Andy McRobbie, Jason Dunn, Jenny McRobbie

U19: Andy McRobbie,