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ISB Panther Gymnastics

ISB Panther Gymnastics is a year-round program open for all International School Bangkok (ISB) students, from Pre-K to High School, boys and girls. We welcome beginners as well as experienced gymnasts, recreational and competitive gymnasts. Our program is based on the Australian Gymnastics System (, Artistic Gymnastics. Our coaches are experienced gymnasts and passionate about their sport. Several of them have competed for the Thai National Team and have worked with kids from international schools for many years. Our mission is to bring out the gymnast in our members and transfer our passion for gymnastics to each of them. Some will want to compete when possible and some just wish to learn gymnastics for recreational purposes and we strive to accommodate each individual goal with their practice.

For more information contact:
Coordinator: Yanick Michaud-Marcotte
Head Coach: Coach Boy.


In addition to Artist gymnastics (vault, beam, uneven bars, floor, rings, parallel bar), we also offer tumbling, rhythmic gymnastics and a Pre-K beginner tumble to gymnastics. Registration for Semester 1/2019-20 opens in August 2019. At the Community Activities open house and registration day on Saturday August 17, 2019, gymnastics runs on open-house. Any questions, please contact

Top Row (Left-Right): Natthapong(Ball), Sathontorn(Pond), Peerapong(Boy), Sakonwat(Dew), Auckarapak(Smile)
Front Row (Left-Right): Duangkamol (Mo), Yupavadee(Ann), Supattra (BomBam), Thanaporn(Bell), Tanaporn (Kae)

How is a typical gymnastic session run and what will my child experience in ISB Gymnastics?

Each class begins with a full-class warm up, and then groups of similar-levels work with the coaches and practice on various equipment based on the Australian Gymnastics System. Girls practice and compete on vault, uneven bars, balance beam, and floor exercise, and boys compete in floor exercise, pommel horse, still rings, vault, parallel bars, and horizontal bars.

The end of each class is conditioning, in which the gymnasts work on strength and cardio.

What is the difference between “recreational” and “competitive” gymnastics at ISB?
Each year, ISB participates in 3-5 gymnastic competitions. There are usually 2-3 “friendly” events that so that new gymnasts can get accustomed to how competitions work. The locations vary with ISB hosting 2-4 events per year, Bangkok clubs/schools hosting others, and sometimes we are invited to events outside of Thailand.

During the registration process, you will be asked if your student would like to compete, and if so, how frequently. If your gymnast would like to participate in a more recreational environment for fun and fitness, then he or she may do so. All gymnasts including recreational gymnasts may compete at these friendly games.

Competitive participants may receive more focused coaching and input from the coaching staff. Students in levels three and up may also be asked to attend a three-hour Monday session in addition to another weekly session. You are welcome to change your intention at any time throughout the year by communicating to the gymnastics manager at the CAO (Community Activities Office).

Note: This program is a community activity and not an ISB athletic sport. All ISB students may participate. Administration of ISB gymnastics is managed through the CAO (Community Activities Office) and must be paid for separate of student tuition.

How are gymnasts placed in the various skill level groups?
The Australian Gymnastics System has specific skills that each gymnast must be proficient at in order to move to the next level. These skills are worked on at each class and an assessment is done at the end of each semester to determine mastery. It is also likely that a coach may recommend a student move up or down a level based on his or her skill and commitment to the sport. Coaches generally stay with the group of students for the semester which helps build a supportive and familiar relationship between students and their coaches.

Can my child change or drop courses?
At the beginning of each school year, a lot of effort by both parents and administration goes into determining students’ schedules. This fact means that the ISB gymnastics program must include flexibility. Therefore, every effort will be made to change classes where possible.

In cases where a change is not possible (skill level, class sizes, availability, etc.), and assuming change occurs in the first 2 weeks of school, cancelation will result in refund. Should the request be after the first two weeks of the season, it will not be possible to refund the tuition that has been paid.

How are gymnasts chosen for the competitions?
Many competitions have limited spaces. Frequently the coaches determine the lineup based on the gymnast’s desire, skill levels, availability and overall team mix.

As a parent, what other commitments do I have?
If your child is competing, you will be asked to either volunteer at the meet or possibly to bring a snack or drink for the “hospitality room” where the visiting coaches and judges are hosted. Volunteer jobs require little previous knowledge and consist of roles that support line-ups, judging and awards. If you are unable to volunteer at an “at home” competition, an additional registration fee for the competition may be charged to help cover the costs of hiring someone to fill in that role.

Are there additional costs for gymnastics or competitions?
Students will be expected to purchase a competition uniform. Last year’s competition leotard was between 2,000 and 3,000 baht. Practice leotards are encouraged but not required and cost about 1,000 baht this past year. Nominal fees (registration costs) are changed by the hosting organization of each competition. They run in the range of 500-1,500 baht in general. Sometimes ISB or the athletic department helps to subsidize these fees. Gymnasts’ families are made aware of the exact fee when the invitations to compete are sent out by the gymnastics manager.

Are weekend or private classes available?
Coaches are usually available on Saturday and Sunday and can be booked and paid for by contacting the gymnastics manager in the CAO. For more information, please see this document.

Gymnastics Summer Camps

With the success of the previous years, we are pleased to confirm 3 weeks of gymnastics summer camps for different age groups.  Please find all the details and the registration link below. You can pick the number of days you want. No need to sign up for the entire week. The camps are open to ISB students with or without gymnastics experience. Registration is first come first serve and open to the entire ISB community on May 10. Deadline for registration and the payment day at the CAO is on June 3.

CAMPS FOR 7 YEARS OLD & UP (3 hours) – 9:00 to 12:00 – 750THB per day without snack

June 17-21

June 24-28

August 5-9


CAMPS FOR 4.5 YEARS TO 7 YEARS OLD (2 hours)  – 13:00 to 15:00 – 500THB per day without snack

June 17-21

June 24-28

August 5-9

The registration link for the summer camps is HERE.

For Registration, please contact: