1) What motivates you to work with international students?
From the past three years of teaching at ISB, I have experienced the musical attitudes of students from different nationalities, which makes collaboration with one other much more interesting.
2) What are two specific highlights of your training or education that you are most proud of — and that are most applicable to your teaching role at ISB?
My first student at ISB, Pada, was only five years old when he started to learn piano. He very much enjoyed my lessons and performed well for his IMP recitals in 2017 and 2018. In addition, ISB gave me an opportunity to support students with accompaniments, and I am very happy that students work well with my piano accompaniment.
3) Where have you lived most of your life? If not in Thailand, what brought you here?
I have lived in Bangkok most of my life and feel like Thailand will always be my home. My friend, Candy, an IMP teacher here, introduced me to IMP music coordinator Angela Kohl, which is how I came to teach at ISB.
4) Have you worked with students before in preparation for their taking music exams?
Yes. I have worked with many students for their piano grade examinations for ABRSM (the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music), Trinity, and LCM (London College of Music), etc.