Dr. Siriporn

1) What motivates you to work with international students?
I have been teaching at ISB since 2009, and I love to work in a multinational environment and enjoy the cultural exchange with students and their families.
2) What are two specific highlights of your training or education that you are most proud of — and that are most applicable to your teaching role at ISB?
I was chosen to perform with ASEAN Youth Ensemble and Asian Youth Orchestra, which exposed me to the multinational orchestra environment. I was the first student to conduct and arrange music for the Chulalongkorn University orchestra. These experiences have helped me understand the needs of students and what they can achieve.
3) Where have you lived most of your life? If not in Thailand, what brought you here?
I was born and raised in Thailand but spent part of my life in the United States as a student. I have also worked and traveled extensively in the Asia Pacific region.
4) Have you worked with students before in preparation for their taking music exams?
Yes. I have worked with students for the ABRSM (the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) and Trinity music exams. In fact, I received the Trinity Award for Excellence in Music Teaching in 2016, an award given to teachers whose students received the highest scores in the country for multiple years. In addition, several students I tutored have successfully entered college as music majors.