Chitipat Darapong

1) What motivates you to work with international students?
ISB’s students are very active and are eager to learn. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with all of them.
2) What are two specific highlights of your training or education that you are most proud of — and that are most applicable to your teaching role at ISB?
I am most proud of my performance experiences with the Royal Bangkok Symphony Orchestra Since 2009, and also my fundamental-advanced violin skills from my study both in Thailand and abroad.
3) Where have you lived most of your life? If not in Thailand, what brought you here?
I was born in Bangkok, Thailand and had a great opportunity for violin diploma study in Vienna, Austria.
4) Have you worked with students before in preparation for their taking music exams?
Yes, I worked with my high school students on the ABRSM violin exam for grade 6-8.