Hair: (if it is long enough) must be in a bun for Ballet.
For all other classes, hair must be secured off the face and neck. This includes wisps of hair around the face. Please make sure that hair is properly secured so no adjustments need to be made during class.

Additional Clothing item:
A nude leotard is required for all female Dance Students Grade 1-12 participating in the Performance. These may be purchased locally quite cheaply.

  • Ballet All levels: Pink tights and pink ballet slippers.
  • ES Ballet I to III: Pink leotards. No skirts please.
  • ES Ballet IV to V: Black leotards. Wrap-around ballet skirts are acceptable but not required. No shorts please.
  • MS/HS Ballet: Any color leotards. Wrap-around ballet skirts are acceptable, but not required. No shorts please.
  • Young men in ballet classes K-12: White t-shirts, black tights or sweat pants, white socks and black ballet slippers.
  • PK/KG Dance: Comfortable clothing suitable for movement. For Girls -Pink Ballet Slippers, for Boys – Black Jazz shoes.
  • Jazz/ Street/ Hip Hop: Black Tank Leotard and jazz pants, black jazz shoes. No PE uniforms please.
  • Tap Dance: Tap shoes and clothing fit for movement.
  • Contemporary: Tank top or leotard, leggings, yoga pants, or sports shorts. Bare feet or “foot underwear”.