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ISB After School Dance is a full-year recreational dance program. During the first semester teachers and students focus on learning specific dance skills, vocabulary and technique. Second semester, the classes build on this foundation, work on developing the choreography for our annual Dance Concert.

ISB After School Dance Program relies strongly on support from the parents. Please be aware, when enrolling your child in the program, you too will be expected to volunteer for at least one performance and ticket sale or photo day.


Hair: (if it is long enough) must be in a bun for Ballet.
For all other classes, hair must be secured off the face and neck. This includes wisps of hair around the face. Please make sure that hair is properly secured so no adjustments need to be made during class.

Additional Clothing item:
A nude leotard is required for all female Dance Students Grade 1-12 participating in the Performance. These may be purchased locally quite cheaply.

  • Ballet All levels: Pink tights and pink ballet slippers.
  • ES Ballet I to III: Pink leotards. No skirts please.
  • ES Ballet IV to V: Black leotards. Wrap-around ballet skirts are acceptable but not required. No shorts please.
  • MS/HS Ballet: Any color leotards. Wrap-around ballet skirts are acceptable, but not required. No shorts please.
  • Young men in ballet classes K-12: White t-shirts, black tights or sweat pants, white socks and black ballet slippers.
  • PK/KG Dance: Comfortable clothing suitable for movement. For Girls -Pink Ballet Slippers, for Boys – Black Jazz shoes.
  • Jazz/ Street/ Hip Hop: Black Tank Leotard and jazz pants, black jazz shoes. No PE uniforms please.
  • Tap Dance: Tap shoes and clothing fit for movement.
  • Contemporary: Tank top or leotard, leggings, yoga pants, or sports shorts. Bare feet or “foot underwear”.

Class Offerings

Classes offered are subject to change depending on number of interested students and availability of instructors.  Auditions are required for new students wishing to enroll in classes other than beginning level classes.

PK/KG Dance (PK and KG)
Jazz (Gr. 1 – 12)
Ballet (Gr. 1 – 12)
Street (Gr. 3 – 12)
Hip Hop (Gr. 6 – 12)
Contemporary (Gr. 6 – 12)
Pointe / Pointe Preparation (MS/HS depending on Ballet Level)
Tap (MS/HS Advanced Level)


ASD Online Class Request Registration for 2017 – 2018 is now closed.

We do have limited space in certain classes still available, please contact Mrs. Helen R Weir,                      at

Registration is held at the beginning of each semester to confirm class placement and to make payment.

Dancers need to complete Class Request Registration and attend one of the Placement Assessment Sessions where their skills will be determined. Dancers who choose not to attend a Placement Assessment Session will be placed at the beginner level.

Class Lists and Schedules can only be generated after Placement Assessments are completed.

Priority will be given to returning students.

Once Assessments are completed Classes and Fees will be available.

Information for Parents

Parents can play an important role in their child’s dance education by supporting and respecting the dance teachers professional background. All teachers in the ISB Dance Program are working hard together to install the love of dance in your child. At the same time, dance is a very disciplined art form that takes years of study and hard work to perfect. Both aspects are combined in this program to provide a well- rounded dance program for your children. In order for our program to run smoothly and successfully, we will need your support and assistance, especially toward the end of the school year for our year end performance. Please ask if you have questions.

  1. Please carefully review these guidelines with your child at home.
  2. Please ensure Dancers arrive no more than 5 minutes early for class. No Childcare is provided and this is adequate time to make final clothing and hair adjustments and begin warming up.
  3. Please pick up children promptly after class.
  4. For the benefit of your child, we do not allow spectators in the classroom on an ongoing basis. Parent Viewing Week will be held In the first semester. We would appreciate you leaving younger siblings at home if possible.
  5. Attendance is important. Dance requires learning physical skills that can only be learned in class. A Dancer missing 3 lessons in the 2nd Semester will be excluded from performing.
  6. Please note that attendance at Rehearsals and Performances is required. Students will not perform if they miss technical or dress rehearsals without a valid excuse (i.e. Illness), and will be excluded from rejoining the program.
  7. Practice at home is encouraged to improve memory and skill development.

For further questions please do not hesitate to contact ASD Director

Mrs. Helen R Weir, at

Class Placement Policy

Assessments of Dancers abilities are the primary criteria for creating classes in addition to previous Dance experience and age/grade of Student. By organizing students in such a way classes will allow for the introduction of a curriculum that challenges each student at his/her level of Dance ability. It also allows Dancers to reach their full and recognizable potential. Instruction shall establish standards that will allow easy transition to other Dance Communities.

There are no Assessments for Pk and Kg Dancers.

All students, Grade 1 to 12, both New and Returning are advised to attend Placement Assessments in August. This allows us to compare abilities and levels of students after the summer break, while taking into account the progress of those who have participated in Summer Programs. At the Assessment our Panel of Dance Teachers will determine the level of each student. Dancers who choose not to attend Placement Assessment will be placed in the beginner level.


Fees are set at 500 Baht per class, based on the number of classes scheduled. All fees are due at Registration. Due to liability issues, unregistered students will not be allowed to attend classes. Payment may be made in cash or by cheque made out to “International School Association”.

For Refunds to be made we require written notification. The deadline for notification is 24 hours after the 2nd Scheduled Dance Class. No refunds are available after this time. The Refund will be unused class fees, less Baht 2,000 non-refundable charge.

The cost of the class does NOT include footwear, dance wear for the Class.

Important Dates

Important Dates 2018 – 2019

August 1st On Line Class Request Registration Opens
August 20st Monday and 21st Tuesday Dance Placement Assessments
August 25th Saturday First Semester Payment
August 27th Monday – 31st Friday (9am – 3pm) First Semester Payment through CAO
August 27th Monday First Day of Dance Classes (Semester 1)
December 3rd Monday – January 11th Friday Second Semester Payment through CAO
January 10th Thursday First Day of Dance Classes (Semester 2)
April 27th Saturday Dance Photo Day
May 3rd – 15th Technical Rehearsals,Attendance Mandatory
May 16th Thursday Dress Rehearsals, Attendance Mandatory
ES Dress Rehearsal 2.30pm
MS/HS Dress Rehearsal 4.45pm

May 17th and 18th After School Dance Concert, Attendance Mandatory

Discipline Policy

Discipline Policy and Student Guidelines for behavior and etiquette
ISB DANCE requires that students follow the guidelines for behavior and etiquette during dance classes. These guidelines support safety in the classroom and ensure the best learning environment for the young dancer. Dance guidelines are universal and once adhered to will support the students ability to learn and grow quickly in the art of dance. These guidelines make traveling from one country to another, one dance studio to the next, much simpler since all dance studios ask the same from their dancers.

  1. Students must wear proper clothing and footwear for the classes. Hair should be properly secured throughout class. (Please see the section Class Attire)
  2. No Gum or Candy should be consumed in the Dance Room.
  3. Students should enter the room quietly and respectfully about 5 minutes prior to the scheduled class time to begin warming up. No running around the dance-room unless directed by the teacher.
  4. Students listen carefully to the dance teacher for instruction and direction.
  5. Participate in the dance class to the best of ones ability.
  6. If injured, describes the injury to the teacher and follows the teachers advice.
  7. At all times shows respect for the dance teacher and for fellow students.

For your health and safety:

  1. No jewelry, please.
  2. No hanging or playing around on the dance barres.
  3. No sitting or lounging around while waiting for your turn to dance across the floor.
  4. No touching the dance mirrors.
  5. Please speak up if you have a question.

Discipline Policy

If student is being disruptive to the teacher or to the class, he or she may be asked to sit out and watch until he/she is ready to return to the class. If necessary student and parents will be asked to meet with Mrs. Helen Weir to discuss further disciplinary actions