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Community Activities

The Community Activities program at International School Bangkok (ISB) provides an opportunity for students of all ages to participate in a broad range of co-curricular programs to enhance their development as learners who are creative, globally-minded, adaptable, value-driven, socially-intelligent and self-managing. The program is driven by our vision, mission, core values, and our definition of learning.

Community Activities at ISB are run in collaboration with teachers, parents and professional organizations to offer a high quality selection of activities, which take place after school and on the weekends. There is never a shortage of meaningful, worthwhile and fun programs to be a part of, no matter what the age group or skill level.

The breadth of the community activities program allows students to tailor make a program in collaboration with their Arts activities; representative BISAC and IASAS teams; and Elementary School ES Explore or Middle School or High School Clubs and Service activities.

Collaboration with our community is at the heart of our program. Parents are encouraged to be actively involved – to share their passion, expertise, to lead or assist in various activities. At ISB, each Community Activity is run by a parent driven committee or co-ordinator, many of whom are parents or parents of alumni. When hosting events, parents are encouraged to be involved in some of the many volunteer roles that are required to run a successful event.

The Community and Arts Office (CAO) is a friendly place, prominently positioned next to the Booster Hut and Cafeteria. Parents are welcome to the CAO at any time – to speak with the coordinator, to pay fees or to ask questions. Coordinators are very happy to help individual families tailor programs to each student.

Below is a list of the current Community Activities on offer at ISB. If there is something your child enjoys that you can’t find here or you have an area of expertise in which you would like to be involved, please let us and let us know.

What are Community Activities?
Community Activities are those activities that are run and operated by members of the ISB Community for the ISB Community. Volunteers who give their time in order to offer activities to the ISB Community run most of the Community Activities on offer. These activities carry a fee, this fee is used to cover the cost of running the activity, including payment to instructors. For example if your child takes guitar lessons, your fee will go towards paying the guitar instructors fees.
Some activities run year long, some semester long and others are based on a 2-3 month season.

What does the Community Activities Office (CAO) do and why?

WHAT…The CAO provides assistance and support to the Community Activities. This includes handling registration, handling payments, booking of facilities, general finances, payroll, handling of accounts, and being a central location for parents and kids to get information regarding their activities.

WHY…Running a community activity is a huge task. The CAO is here to take some of the burden off the volunteers who run the activities. We are here to enable volunteers to focus on running a quality activity and not having to worry about some of the more mundane tasks involved.

Another function of the CAO is to bring cohesiveness to all the organizations by streamlining and standardizing some of the processes that they use.

What’s the difference between Community Activities and ISB Athletics?

The Community activities operate within the ISB community. In other words, the BYS (Bangkok Youth Soccer) doesn’t go and play against other schools. Kids from ISB sign up and then are separated into teams. These teams will then play a season of games against each other.
ISB Athletics teams are made up of ISB students, these teams will play games and tournaments against other schools in Bangkok and Southeast Asia region. ISB Althletics competes in two different conferences: IASAS and BISAC. IASAS consists of other schools in the Southeast Asia region, BISAC consists of schools in the Bangkok area.

However, there are a few Community Activities who also represent ISB against other schools. These activities are Gymnastics, Panther Swim Team, Panther Tennis & BBSA. The ISB Athletics teams will draw from these Activities to compete against other schools.

What about Elementary After School Activities, Middle School After School Activities, and High School Clubs/Activities?

These activities are separate from Community Activities and ISB Athletics. They are offered on a semester-to-semester basis and can change from year to year depending on who is available and willing to offer the activities. These activities normally run directly after school. In the middle school and high school teachers sponsor clubs and activities, and there is no participation fee. In the elementary school, activities may be run by teachers or outside organizations and there is a cost normally associated with taking the activity.