Our ISB Sport Coordinators – What They Do and Why

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ISB introduced new Sport Coordinators this school year, and these inspired individuals have already helped facilitate significant growth and positive change within our programs. Borne from our annual review of the ISB Athletic and Community Activities Office programs, and with the full support of our school leadership and the Strategic Improvement & Learning Committee of the Board of Trustees, these positions aim to further improve student learning and the quality of experience for our athletes.


The Sport Coordinators work closely with the ISB Athletic Department, acting as champions and advocates for each of our thirteen pathway programs (IASAS sports). Our Sport Coordinators have already delivered a significant impact to our programs this year, generating a number of proposals for facility enhancements and helping to facilitate our Season One coaches’ professional development day.  Our Coordinators are identifying ways in which each sport can continue to raise its profile, grow in strength and opportunity, meet our ever-changing needs, and fulfil our ISB vision and mission.


Other areas we’ve targeted this year include researching top-level competition, delivering enhanced training techniques, instilling mental toughness, providing more challenge and enrichment opportunities, and establishing better vertical alignment by sport, U11-Varsity. We are also brainstorming more ways to connect with and enrich our local community through camps, outreach programs, and events. Keep your eyes open for the upcoming BBSA coaches’ clinic for parent-volunteers, the Panthers’ Volleyball Academy, and more innovative ideas emerging from this fledgling program and these highly invested educator-coaches.


Our ISB Sport Coordinators are also here to help answer any sport specific questions you may have, and they are happy to help direct you to an appropriate opportunity or program for your son/daughter. Please feel free to reach out by email if you have any queries.




Football:                 David Speirs           davids@isb.ac.th

Volleyball:             Joseph Barnes         josephb@isb.ac.th

Cross Country:      Kellie Alexander    kelliea@isb.ac.th

Rugby:                    Andy McRobbie    amcrobbie63@gmail.com

Touch:                    Chad Bates                  chadb@isb.ac.th

Basketball:             Derrick Quinet      derrickq@isb.ac.th

Swimming:            Corry Day               swim@isb.ac.th

Tennis:                   Bob Connor            bobc@isb.ac.th

Softball:                  Boom Fitzgerald   krittiyf@isb.ac.th

Badminton:            Boonsueb K.          boonsueb@isb.ac.th

Baseball:                Joel Palanog         joelp@isb.ac.th

Golf:                       Kevin Callahan     kevinc@isb.ac.th

Track & Field:       TBA-contact:       markj@isb.ac.th



Derrick Quinet, Athletic Director