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Panther Nation, an online magazine, is the product of ISB’s High School Media Studies course, where students design, produce and distribute a wide range of media to the school community. Following best practices and trends in journalism today while utilizing industry-standard technologies our students craft and disseminate relevant content about events, news, and issues of the day.

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Panther Nation logo and click to site
Panther Nation logo and click to site

The Panther Nation team is made up of seventeen students in total with four students acting as Managing Directors for Print, Video, Technology, and Writing under the supervision of Ken Hansbury, High School Social Studies & Media Studies teacher. Together they work with their team of journalists to produce impactful and relevant content for the school community.

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Panther Nation logo and click to site

As a student-led publication, Panther Nation gives our students the space and freedom to create, produce, problem-solve, and share their voices as a team. Working together under their Media Studies teacher for guidance, students develop transferable skills while building up their confidence, responsibility, collaboration, and Panther Pride.

click on any of the articles featured here or the Panther Nation logo to access the publication. Also featured are links to the Student magazines from our sister IASAS schools.

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Experiential Learning

ISB values meaningful and transferable learning through experience. Panther Nation builds students’ understanding through the development and application of journalism knowledge, skills, and attitudes. Panther Nation gives students the opportunity to apply their learning to new situations, inquire to extend their learning, create solutions, communicate their learning effectively, make connections, and reflect critically.

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Discovering Your Passion

At ISB, students are encouraged to find their passions and embrace new academic challenges. We offer two academic pathways to graduation - students can choose to pursue the Personal Choice Diploma or the International Baccalaureate Diploma. Both pathways offer a diverse curriculum which allows students to keep their options open or specialize early. Panther Nation offers a unique opportunity for students interested in media to specialize and prepare for a future career in journalism.

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