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Celebrate with us as we welcome IASAS schools back to our campus after several years of restrictions!

Whether you are an expat with many international moves under your belts, or a first timer to international education - find out what makes ISB a pretty wonderful place to be!

Celebrate 70 years of success with us as we reconfirm our commitment to our values, our mission and our vision

Our ISB Golf Center is a state-of-the-art indoor golfing facility fitted with the latest professional technology to help not only our aspiring young #ISBPanther golfers but also professional golfers train to be their very best. 

#ISB is committed to sustainability and raising awareness on environmental issues. We asked the ISB community to help plant 70 trees on campus and at the EWC to celebrate our school's history. In addition, we collaborated with One Tree Planted to plant even more trees around Thailand.

ISB students have shown great commitment to protecting the environment and advocating for sustainable choices in our community and on campus over the years. Most recently, the #ISBMiddleSchool Green Panthers club worked with our school administrators to remove single-use plastics from our cafeteria.

Play can be serious fun and is an important part of developmental learning. Playtime incorporates social cues like intention and reciprocity - these cues involve complex neural exercises and communication - one of the many reasons ISB invests so much into these 'play and learn' areas. At International School Bangkok, the developmental needs of our students are at the center of each school day.

The World Language Department at ISB is committed to preparing our students to meet the challenges of living in multicultural and multilingual societies, as well as to succeed in the global work environment. But having fun while learning is a key ingredient to our academic success! Check out this video made by our High School Japanese club. They celebrated Japanese culture, recruiting some of our ISB community, though some and dance with this catchy tune!

On our large campus in Bangkok, we have world class facilities for each and every area of learning and activity: academics, arts, sports, exploration, play, health and more. This short video gives you a snapshot of the ISB campus and the facilities we have built to support student learning.

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