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Life in Thailand

Welcome to Thailand and ISB

ISB attracts families from downtown Bangkok (often it is quicker to travel out to Nichada than across gridlocked downtown!) and from within the campus town of Nichada Thani. There's everything you'd expect from a community serving well-travelled professionals with great taste - an international supermarket, an organic shop, coffee, sandwich and health food shops, gyms and, of course, a spa and a Starbucks - but also, wrapped all around the spacious executive homes of the secure community, are more gems of Thailand, all ready to be discovered. Within 15 minutes walk, cycle or golf cart are restaurants galore, tempting street food stalls, orchids and tropical plants, carpets, hand crafted teak furniture and gifts, as well as boat trips, markets and glorious temples that sparkle in the bright sunshine. It really is the best of both worlds, with the bustling city within easy reach, but a place to call home, walk your dog and shoot a few hoops after school activities with the kids in complete safety.

Three Divisions, one state-of-the-art campus, conveniently located just outside the city.

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Our ideal location, just outside downtown Bangkok, gives families the opportunity to experience the best of both worlds. ISB's campus, the most spacious single campus school in Asia, has every facility you can imagine for your child to explore their passions, ignite their interests and enjoy downtime with friends. Our 'open campus' ethos means that the entire family is catered for, with PTA events, Booster activities and Adult Education hosted on campus.

Explore Nichada Thani, our campus town

Helpful Resources

The Bangkok Community Resources website

ISB has created an online resource for families looking for further information and support about mental health and educational resources in Bangkok and the wider community.

Listings on this site do not constitute an endorsement by ISB. Parents, potential clients and professionals are encouraged to thoroughly investigate treatment options and providers to assess their qualifications and experience, and whether they are appropriate for a specific individual.

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Helping you relocate, move and settle

ISB has compiled a list of Relocation companies, Housing Agents, Serviced Apartments and Pre-School options for your littlest ones. 

Again, we urge families to reach out to several companies to find the best fit for you and we are always happy to help with suggestions or connect you with current families to share their experiences or lend a hand in your decision making process.

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