ISB’s school counselors deliver a comprehensive, proactive, and developmental guidance program that fosters a safe school environment. In an ethical and confidential manner, school counselors serve as student advocates, respect individual differences, and support holistic needs of the diverse ISB student population by collaborating with the school community.

Our school counseling department provides a variety of services based on student need. Some services are universal and offered to all students. Other services are targeted toward small groups of individuals, while others are only provided to a few students with a higher level of need. ISB can provide referrals for long-term counseling or therapy.

ISB has two school psychologists who work with students, parents and teachers to create healthy, safe and supportive learning environments that help all students to find success at school.

ISB’s Elementary School Counseling Center is staffed by three full time counselors.



Our comprehensive counseling program includes:


It is our goal to ensure that each new student has a smooth transition to ISB. Welcoming new students and their parents, providing them with an orientation of our Elementary School, and supporting each student’s adjustment to his/her new environment comprise the foundation that we build upon to make certain that each student succeeds socially and academically.

Classroom guidance lessons

Our comprehensive guidance program focuses on activities and lessons that are consistent with identified student needs. Our curriculum is based upon the ASCA (American School Counselor Association) model and includes lessons in the domains of academic, social, and career awareness. The counselors are in the classrooms on a regular basis and are available for supplemental lessons.

Small group counseling

A variety of small group counseling activities occur throughout the year which focus on issues that include academic and social development. These may be include New Student Group, Friendship Group, and Goodbye Group among others.

Individual counseling

Our counselors provide an environment that is conducive to students communicating freely and openly with them. Within this environment we strive to know each student as an individual providing them with the tools to overcome academic challenges, maintain a positive self-image, and utilize problem solving strategies.

Teacher and parent consultation

Collaborating with teachers and parents in a unified approach to find the most effective methods to help each child reach his/her academic potential is the cornerstone of our program. Always operating with the best interest of the student in mind, we work together to help each child achieve academic and social success.

Parent presentations and workshops

Parent presentations and workshops are given on a wide array of educational issues designed to help parents become familiar with special topics of interest, and our programs and services, all with the aim of better serving each child and strengthening the bond between home and school.


ISB has a large number of books available to parents and students that address topics such as parenting, school and social difficulties, and growing up. Books are available in the Hub, ES Counseling office, and the Learning Design Centre.

The ISB Middle School counseling department consists of two counselors, working on each grade level and a psychologist (Mr. Ryan Ruhl) who works across the middle and high school divisions. The MS office can direct parents to the relevant counselor for their grade.

The counselors work in partnership with students, parents, teachers and administrators and are committed to creating a safe and positive environment where students can receive academic, social, and emotional guidance that enhances their ability to achieve their academic and personal potential.

Counselors assist with the admissions process by meeting with students and families to discuss subject selection and any personal learning needs. They play a role in assisting new students to settle into school by providing support in the form of new student lunches, monitoring for friendships, and providing orientation programs for new students.

The counselors respond to referrals from parents, teachers and administrators in order to address concerns. Parents are informed of any on-going counselor involvement with students. Students are free to self refer in order to obtain guidance and support. Counselors may work with students on an individual basis and will provide an assurance of confidentiality if appropriate.

The counselor at each grade level coordinates the Student Support Team (SST) which consists of the school learning specialists, an administrator, teachers and parents. The Support Team meets regularly to discuss students who are experiencing difficulties with learning. The purpose of the SST is to identify and address any areas of concern to ensure students receive services to assist their learning. Parents are always involved when a student is referred to the SST.

At times the counselors may respond to a need that is best met through a group approach. Social skills groups, friendship groups or other concerns may be addressed by bringing together students with similar needs. These groups will be offered by invitation and parent permission obtained.

The Middle School Counseling team is an experienced and dedicated team working in partnership with staff and parents to provide the support required for all students to be successful.

Middle School Counseling Department

The Middle School Counseling Department consists of two counselors and a school psychologist.

Grade 6 & half of Grade 7 Counselor: Carmel Kean carmelk@isb.ac.th
Grade 8 & half of Grade 7 Counselor: Colleen Coady colleenc@isb.ac.th
School Psychologist: Ryan Ruhl ryanr@isb.ac.th
Counseling Secretary: Khun Namwan sariyam@isb.ac.th


Welcome to High School Counseling

The High School at ISB offers students from grades 9 through 12 a wide variety of counseling services. Our program is comprehensive and developmental in its approach in meeting the academic and college needs of our students while providing for opportunities for appropriate social and emotional growth.


Throughout the year, counselors are available to meet with students and parents to discuss and help with academic issues. In each of the grade levels, nine through twelve (and during second semester of grade eight), counselors meet with students to discuss the various issues that are pertinent to their individual academic concerns. While yearly schedules are tailored to meet the academic requirements of the school, the diverse abilities, talents, and interests of each student are considered and schedules are designed to meet individual needs.

During the ninth grade, students are introduced to the expectations and demands of the high school, including transcripts, graduation requirements and the IB Program. In each of the grade level registration meetings in February and March, counselors address the issues of course selection and program planning throughout the high school years.


The counselors at ISB all have extensive training and experience in helping students who are struggling with social/emotional issues. We work in confidence with students in identifying strategies to deal with a variety of issues affecting their personal lives and interactions with fellow students. Our high school psychologist, Mr. Ryan Ruhl, is a person with whom we work closely (and in a confidential manner) in helping students learn how to cope with the complicated issues of young adulthood. Encourage your son or daughter to see his or her counselor if they need someone to talk to in a supportive, trusting setting. Our Advisory class during “Panther Period” is designed to address the social and emotional health of our students, and our Advisory teachers are another supportive adult for your student.

Freshman Seminar

Freshmen Seminar is a program designed for incoming ninth grade students to help them adjust to the high school environment. In essence, Freshman Seminar is an extended orientation with lots of life skills included in the course. All of the seminar classes are fixed in the student’s daily rotation and discussions include topics such as: time management skills, what it means to be a member of the ISB community, communication, cooperation with peers, service to the greater Bangkok community, freedom from chemical dependency, academic planning, college guidance and counseling, and IB and AP Programs. These classes are conducted for the first 10 weeks of the freshmen year after which time the students are allowed to have a planning period for study or library use.


The main theme for career planning for our students is to work back from a projected future and determine what needs to be done in the high school years in order to realize those projected goals, always with room to successfully maneuver any changes in plan.


Transition programs are specifically designed for four groups of people: those students entering grade nine from the middle school; new students in all grades; students leaving ISB prior to their senior year; and graduating seniors. For each of these groups, we offer general counseling services as well as a special program dealing with the specific type of transition.  At the beginning of each school year, and prior to the first day of classes, students and parents are invited to join the counseling staff in an orientation day. Orientation programs for new students as well as the incoming freshmen class are held concurrently. The senior transition program takes place over five sessions during second semester concluding with an alumni panel. For students in grades nine through eleven leaving ISB, a luncheon is held to discuss transition issues and provide closure activities.

High School Counselors

Mr. Kevin Callahan kevinc@isb.ac.th
Mr. Kevin Davy kevind@isb.ac.th
Mrs. Jackie Valenzuela jackiev@isb.ac.th
Assistant: Khun Yaowarat (Mai) Pattanaprasit yaowarap@isb.ac.th
Registrar: Khun Supanniga (Fon) Seemasongkroh supanniy@isb.ac.th
School Psychologist: Ryan Ruhl ryanr@isb.ac.th


Please contact the appropriate assistant should you require an appointment.