In line with the values and attributes of the ISB Mission and Vision, College Counselors support students through a thoughtful, reflective, and well-researched post-secondary search and university application process. Our goal is to teach each student how to identify and evaluate a wide range of university or post-secondary options around the world that complement their academic and personal achievements, talents, ambitions, and potential. We celebrate the diversity of our learners at ISB and partner with our students one-on-one, as individuals with unique needs and goals, and with their families to ensure that all of our students’ intellectual, personal, and social well-beings are valued and affirmed.

ISB College Counselors adhere to ethical standards established by internationally recognized professional associations of college and university counselors and admissions officers.

Program Supporting Students

Although many opportunities happen throughout all four years of high school at ISB that lead toward thoughtful post-secondary planning, 11th grade is the formal start to the college search and application process. Much of the support for students is provided through one on one meetings given the diverse needs and interests of our students. College Counselors also work with the School Counselors to support 10th grade students 2nd semester in the course selection process.

College Counselors hold evening informational sessions for 10th, 11th, and 12th grade families throughout the school year.
During the school day, students meet in small groups with their College Counselor and engage in different activities and tutorials to prepare for their post-secondary plans.
Parents are invited to monthly coffees with the College Counselors that focus on a variety of topics ranging from country specific opportunities (ex: Dutch or US Higher Education options) to sessions on how colleges and universities make admission decisions.
ISB and Bangkok are key destinations for many colleges and universities around the world. We host more than 200 visits to our campus each year. ISB hold university fairs each year for Thai Universities and other worldwide universities. In addition, many universities visit ISB during the school day to meet with students. Our community also has access to a variety of university events that happen in downtown Bangkok as well.


ISB College Counselors are active members in regional and international organizations that support the college and university application and transition process. These include: CIS, International ACAC, NACAC, and Thai International School University Counselors.

College Counselors

Mr. Alex Becker alexb@isb.ac.th
Ms. Sonya Ohlsson sonyao@isb.ac.th
Mr. Andrew Weiser andreww@isb.ac.th
Ms. Debbie McDowell debbiem@isb.ac.th
Assistant Khun Supanniga (Fon) Seemasongkroh supanniy@isb.ac.th