Internships and Career Pathways

“Almost every high school student has wondered where they will be in ten years. Where they will live, how they will look, and what job they will have. It is often very hard for a high school student to know exactly what they will be doing, or even what they are truly passionate about,” Craig Dawe, ISB High School Student and Panther Nation Contributor.

At International School Bangkok (ISB) we aim to help students navigate these choices through our Pathways Program. Through this program, we work with companies throughout Bangkok to facilitate High School Internship programs, we host guest speakers who represent a wide range of professions and industries and we hold Career Fairs on campus once a year. The Pathways Career Fair is an opportunity for ISB alumni, parents and partners to share their varied stories of their career pathways with our students.

Darin Sumetanon (11) stated that the last Pathways Career Fair “really broadened my horizons and gave me a deeper insight to what life after high school and college will be like. High school seems like it will never end, but when it does the transition can be sudden and scary. Having experienced adults come to talk to us gave me a sense of ease about what was to come in future years, and having internships offered was exciting as well.”

High School Internships at ISB

At the moment, high school students have the opportunity to take part in Internships during the Global Citizenship Week and during the summer holiday Work Experience program. Internships include programs in robotics to journalism, with new opportunities being added each year based on student interest.

Upcoming Events

The next Pathways Career Fair is on January 24th, 2019. Sign up to be a speaker or to represent your company here.