If a student is interested in pursuing the IB Diploma, and wishes to study a Language A in his/her native language, ISB may assist the student in finding an appropriate tutor. ISB will also provide tutors with the requirements of the IB in addition to administrative support and materials. In addition, ISB will require regular progress reports from tutors with the award of a pass/fail grade and credits. Interested students should contact the Dean of Academics.

The ISB IB Language Tutorial Program policy is as follows:

  • This option is only available for IB Diploma students wishing to pursue their ‘mother tongue’ language.
  • ISB will reimburse for the actual costs incurred by a parent for tutoring up to a maximum of 75,000 Thai Baht per year if the cost for the tutoring is not normally paid by the employer of the parent(s). In the case of partial reimbursement by the employer, ISB will reimburse the difference up to 75,000 Thai Baht.
  • Students may only pursue ‘Language A’ languages not currently offered at ISB.
  • Negotiations regarding the conditions of employment are between the tutor and the parent/ guardian of the student. The tutor is not the employee of ISB.
  • Students must be of sufficient proficiency in the target language.
  • Approval for participation in the Language A Tutorial program must be given by the student’s parents, counselor and Dean of Academics.
  • All instruction will take place outside of regular school time unless agreed with Dean of Academics.
  • Students who take this option must still fulfill ISB’s graduation and attendance requirements.
  • IB diploma students with tutored language or self-taught language will have classtime scheduled for them to work in during the regular school day and the Dean of Academics, in consultation with tutors on progress, will award Pass/Fail on the semester report card and transcript.

Students considering this option should read the course descriptions for English A Literature HL/SL or English Language & Literature HL/SL to gain an understanding of the nature of the course. These apply to any IB Language studied at either level. Additionally it must be understood that Language A Literature courses work with language while teaching literary analysis skills, but are not language classes. Significant amounts of reading are undertaken and assessment is through written tasks and oral presentations of literature knowledge, analysis and understanding. Language & Literature are based firmly on the study of both language and literature being designed for students with a high level of competence in the language prior to the beginning of the course. This course focuses on the refinement of language skills and provides the opportunity for students to explore the culture(s) of the language through discussion, argument and debate.