2023/2024 Course Offerings

Social Studies


The High School social studies programme is designed to develop the ability to think critically about the human condition in order to make informed decisions that guide social action. Students are encouraged to reflect upon their own identities, and to recognize and respect similarities and differences of others within a global perspective. We aim to develop global thinkers, who open-mindedly evaluate information, reflect critically, plan strategically, and can work both collaboratively and independently to understand, global, regional and local  problems.

World studies 9 and 10 are thematically organized and allow students to get a sample of many disciplines of the social sciences to prepare them for a variety of elective options in Grades 11 and 12. In addition, electives for grades 11 and 12 offer both IB courses and regular courses that do not have an IB equivalent. Two credits of social studies courses are required for graduation and four credits are recommended for students intending to study at College/ University. It is strongly recommended that all students take a social studies course through to their senior year.

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