• Two credits are required for graduation.
  • Four credits are recommended.


The high school mathematics program is intended to provide mathematical skills to university bound students. The curriculum offers courses that develop a core mathematical knowledge for all students as well as advanced courses to those wanting additional mathematics.

Advanced courses consisting of IB Mathematics SL, IB Mathematics HL, and AP Calculus are intended for highly motivated students. Students wanting to enter these courses during their junior or senior year must have taken all courses in the core block.

The graduation requirement for mathematics is two years. It is strongly recommended that all students take a mathematics course through to their senior year. All students are required to have a graphing calculator (TI 84 plus recommended). *The chart below shows the ‘recommended’ path, however their are other options that can be explored with the approval of Counseling and the Math Department.

2019/20 HS Mathematics Program Current 8th grade

2019/20 HS Mathematics Program Current 9th and 10th grade

2019/20 HS Mathematics Program Current 11th grade