Global Citizenship Week (GCW) is an experiential learning week which takes students throughout Thailand and South East Asia and into local communities where students experience unique learning experiences. These are usually built around deepening a students’ cultural understanding or partaking in community service to enrich the local community they are working with.

GCW trips are classified as Service or Culturally oriented trips. By the completion of a student’s second GCW trip, one of the trips completed must have been a service-oriented trip and prior to graduation, a student must complete a Thailand based trip. There is also an additional category based around career exploration, however, these do not fulfill the requirements for service or the requirement of a within Thailand trip.

Our students may support local communities through their travel, engage in protection of the environment or direct service work for the benefit of others, and many of the trips also include an element of adventure and physical activity, such as hiking in Nepal or Bhutan, biking or scuba diving in Southern Thailand.

GCW registrations are prioritized by grade level with first priority sign-ups given to Grade 12 students and final priority to Grade 9. Students register online and are placed on courses based on the order of sign-ups when registrations open. For more information regarding GCW, please consult the GCW Booklet here.