2023/2024 Course Offerings



The English Department is committed to ISB’s Mission to inspire students to achieve their academic potential, be passionate, reflective learners, become caring, global citizens and lead healthy, active balanced lives. Specifically, our goal is for students to reach their academic potential in writing, speaking and reading. We believe students should be exposed to a rich foundation of literature through a combination of whole class mentor texts and student choice. Through the exploration of literature and language, students will develop their powers of comprehension, expression and critical thinking, but will also grow an appreciation for the beauty and power of language, imagination, and a deeper understanding of the human spirit.

The English Department is committed to the development of the reading and writing skills of all high school students with our standards-based curriculum and the teaching of narrative, informational and persuasive modes of writing. Reading is the single most important factor in determining a student’s language capacity, significantly improving oral and written communication skills. To this end, the English Department is committed to an independent reading program in efforts to instil a life-long love of reading. The English Department is also committed to the writing process in an effort to ensure both best practice and best outcomes in the development of student writing.

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