The High School of International School Bangkok (ISB) is dedicated to inspiring students to reach their academic and personal potential, to be passionate reflective learners, to become caring global citizens and to lead healthy, active balanced lives.

Through our newly adopted learning attributes, we develop learners who are creative, globally minded, adaptable, value-driven, socially intelligent and who are self-managers. We value the importance of academic rigor and the development of skills to develop their abilities to think critically, to communicate effectively and to learn independently.

The High School is a welcoming community of lifelong learners with a strong sense of school spirit and pride. We provide opportunities for our learners to engage and participate in the arts, athletics and a huge range of activities. We ask our learners to challenge and extend themselves in their academic pursuits and strive for balance in their busy lives.

As a diverse student body and with an increasing interdependence of our world, we are committed to ensuring that we develop and promote cross-cultural understanding, a tolerance of different viewpoints and to celebrate and embrace the diversity within our school and community. We do this with particular emphasis on understanding and appreciating our host-country, Thailand.

We look forward to welcoming new members to our community who are willing to make the most of the wonderful opportunities that ISB and the High School provides. Contact us by phone or submit an inquiry here to discuss your plans and your child’s needs.


Planning Documents

These following documents are provided to help new families
thoughtfully consider your course choices for each school year to ensure you will meet the ISB graduation requirements: