Pathways for upper High School at ISB

As students move into the last two years of High School in Grades 11 and 12, they are encouraged to find their passions and embrace new academic challenges. At ISB we offer two academic pathways. Students can pursue the Personal Choice Diploma or the International Baccalaureate Diploma. Either pathway offers a diverse curriculum which allows students to keep their options open or specialise early. Students are therefore given the opportunity to pursue a program of study which is tailored to their own specific interests and aspirations as they prepare themselves for college and university applications. Both pathways lead to ISB students graduating with a High School Diploma from ISB.

Why take the Personal Choice Diploma?

Students who opt to take the Personal Choice Diploma are essentially building their own program of study. They have the flexibility to take any courses on offer, so long as they meet ISB graduation requirements.  Students can target a particular field of study, for example the Sciences or Performing Arts, or continue to choose a variety of different classes as they explore their own interests and intellectual development. Many Personal Choice students take a few IB Courses and earn certificates in these subjects as part of their program of study. These courses can be mixed with rigorous ISB courses, which complement individual student strengths and suits their higher education aspirations.

Why take the International Baccalaureate Diploma?

The IB offers an ambitious curriculum with an international outlook. This two year programme is widely recognised as an excellent preparation for higher education in many countries around the world. The IB Diploma allows students to become specialists in three subjects studied at ‘Higher Level’, whilst keeping up their intellectual development in other areas at ‘Standard Level’. To fulfil the programme requirements students must choose subjects from each of the six IB subject groups, which includes the study of two languages and the IB Diploma Core; the Extended Essay, Theory of Knowledge and CAS.

Regardless of the pathway chosen, all ISB graduates receive offers from a variety of world renowned Colleges and Universities, who recognise the excellence and rigour of our programs of study. ISB’s diverse curriculum, exceptional teaching and multiple opportunities for our students to develop their skills and attributes, ensure that ISB graduates are well prepared for future success in college and beyond.