Virtual School: Your Online Learning Resource


ISB Virtual School was developed – and is maintained – as a contingency plan should the school need to be closed for an extended period of time. 


Our virtual school is developed as a framework, providing guidelines that teachers, students, and parents can use when engaging within an online learning environment. 


Teachers build upon this framework, creating appropriate learning activities and collaborative interactions that best meet their students’ needs.


Learning objectives are the same regardless of what the platform is, ISB’s content standards and high expectations guide the planning of online learning just like they do for face to face classroom learning.


We are fortunate to be a technology rich school with the ability to provide a range of engaging resources, platforms and experiences. 


Our students are used to utilizing resources such as Google Classroom, SeeSaw, Zoom, YouTube, Google Meet, and PowerLearning regularly throughout their school day. This creates a seamless transition to a virtual school environment.


In addition to these collaborative resources, students access a wide variety of learning websites that are directly related to the learning goals.


Every Middle School and High School student is issued with a Macbook Air to use wherever they are in the world.




International School Bangkok teachers work to create learning environments online that are organized, stimulating and designed to move learning forward. They are in frequent contact with students and parents to provide feedback, support and learning resources.


The ISB curriculum for each subject area and grade level remains the same in Virtual School and we adhere to the same standards and benchmarks.


Much like in-class learning, virtual learning is successful where there is a strong partnership between parents, teachers and students.


We have a number of helpful FAQs and resources to support parents and students as they embrace the world of online learning.

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