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Environmental Wilderness Campus

Reconnect with nature

Environmental sustainability is an extremely important part of our present and our future. ISB created an Environmental Wilderness Campus in Petchaburi Province, dedicated to educating students of the challenges faced by the planet, most importantly Thailand, with regard to the environment but also on the solutions and sustainable ways of living. It also serves as a place for students to reconnect with nature, to learn wilderness and survival skills, to be risk-takers and learn more about Thailand and its communities.

The ISB Environmental Wilderness Campus (EWC) is a model of sustainability, operating with the use of simple systems that allow us to preserve and enhance our environment and guard resources valuable to our own sustainability. 

Facilities at the EWC include self-contained student and staff accommodation, a fully stocked boat shed, swimming pool, multi-use recreational space, climbing wall, classrooms, a fire pit perfect for roasting marshmallows after a long expedition and a cafeteria serving healthy food for hearty appetites. 

"The mission of the EWC is to bring students into the outdoors and pose challenges in a real world setting. The development of environmentally sustainable systems ensures that we are a lighthouse project for educating not only our community, but also the communities that we impact in this area. As the guardians of this land it is our responsibility to maintain and enhance the environment. To this end, our established wetlands and protected forest areas continue to attract wildlife back to this area, creating and reestablishing ecosystems that flourish."

Elliott Bowyer, ISB Outdoor Education Director

EWC Gallery


Middle School 'Wild Panthers' Program

ISB strongly believes in education being more than limited to the fours walls of a classroom. Our leadership team, through extensive research, developed an outdoor education program, which focuses on basic outdoor activity skills, social/emotional competencies, and character development as key focus areas.

ISB is dedicated to providing sequential curriculum in Outdoor Education for all middle school students, through a formally delivered, assessed and reported outdoor education curriculum. This unique program offers all middle school students a chance to expand their skills and knowledge in the outdoors, taking on challenges in a safe yet challenging environment where students can thrive and push their own boundaries realizing their true potential.

Guided by dedicated professional outdoor education teachers who are certified to world industry standard, the Wild Panthers outdoor education team provides exceptional opportunities for ISB students.

The Expeditions

Each expedition is 3 days and 2 nights and will be hosted at the EWC.

The expedition is unique in the scenario-based challenges that it poses to students, challenging them to solve problems and to step out of their comfort zone in an atmosphere of safety and cooperation. Students reflect on their experiences and the learning that took place, and are challenged to transfer this learning to other parts of their life both now and for the future, identifying how each experience will serve them when faced with difficult or challenging situations.

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