Environmental Wilderness Campus


Environmental sustainability is an extremely important part of our present and our future. ISB has taken the initiative to develop a Wilderness Center, dedicated to educating students of the challenges faced by the planet, most importantly Thailand, with regard to the environment but also on the solutions and sustainable ways of living. It will also serve as a place for students to reconnect with nature, to learn wilderness and survival skills, to be risk-takers and learn more about Thailand and its communities.

The ISB Environmental Wilderness Campus (EWC) is a model of sustainability, operating with the use of simple systems that allow us to preserve and enhance our environment and guard resources valuable to our own sustainability.

EWC, located in a beautiful area of Petchaburi, is situated on the banks of a reservoir that is part of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s sustainability project and water conservation is a top priority of the centre. It provides us with an excellent opportunity to educate on the need and ways to best preserve and protect these valuable water systems.

Aside from the environmental sustainability focus of the centre, it will also be a place of exploration and research, housing many of ISBs experiential outdoor education programs. Fully equipped with accommodation, classrooms, canteen, swimming pool, boat house, and more, ISB students will travel to the centre for various trips throughout the school year.

  • The water cycle and weather systems in Thailand
  • Water quality and the problem of Eutrophication
  • Water testing techniques and results and interpreting these for improvements
  • River systems and streams that feed the reservoir
  • Ecology of the area, plant, bird and animal life in the lake and surrounding land
  • Local community and local school partnership to build social and economical sustainability
  • Flood protection and education
  • Water reticulation and reusing
  • Ecological grey water treatment systems



  • Rock climbing in the area
  • Visit to the local botanical gardens
  • Science, biology and ecology field studies
  • Artists and writers in residence programs
  • Environmental systems and societies field studies
  • IB Theory of Knowledge retreats 
  • Geography Field studies
  • Duke of Edinburgh International Awards
  • Seniors life-readiness programs
  • Board of Trustees and Staff retreats