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High School Pathways

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How to choose your High School pathway

The High School at International School Bangkok is an exciting place of learning for students! Our inclusive and challenging US international curriculum offers opportunities for all students to learn at the highest levels and achieve their personal best. Students begin their learning journey in Grade 9 pursuing foundational courses in core subject areas. These include; English, a World Language, Mathematics, World Studies, Science, Arts & Design/Technology, Physical Education & Health. From as early as Grade 10 onwards, students can opt to pursue a personalized pathway that provides them with multiple ways to develop their interests and love of learning. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our diverse and dynamic learning pathways offering both Advanced Placement (AP) and the International Baccalaureate (IB) courses. The AP Capstone and the IB Diploma represent our most challenging academic pathways.

Many universities around the world may require an IB Diploma or a specific set of AP courses for admissions. Students can choose to follow one of these pathways, as part of their graduation plan, or pursue a blend of AP and IB courses. In addition to these esteemed programs, ISB offers a wide range of robust innovative courses that empower students to foster their individuality and creativity. From arts and humanities, to STEM and a wide range of physical education courses, our varied curriculum caters to a broad spectrum of interests. The flexibility of our learning pathways ensures that each student can chart their own academic course, embracing a personalized learning experience that goes beyond the traditional classroom setting.

Join us in shaping a future where knowledge knows no bounds, and curiosity fuels success. Whether students choose the academic rigor of the AP Capstone program, or the global perspective of the IB Diploma, or the flexibility of our hybrid curriculum, students will become part of a community that celebrates academic excellence.

Regardless of the pathway chosen, all ISB graduates receive offers from a variety of world renowned Colleges and Universities, who recognize the excellence and rigor of our programs of study. ISB’s diverse curriculum, exceptional teaching and multiple opportunities for our students to develop their skills and attributes, ensure that ISB graduates are well prepared for future success in college and beyond. (Read about our prestigious University Counseling program here). Take a look below at the options available to High School students.

Welcome to ISB where your journey to success is uniquely yours to define!

Compare the Pathways

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High School Program of Studies 2024-25


As the High School Principal at ISB, I am excited and proud about the wide range of athletics, arts, activities, academic, and service-learning opportunities that our students are able to experience during their time at ISB.

There is so much on offer that it is sometimes hard to fully appreciate and know the wide range of learning choices and opportunities that exist for High school students here at ISB. Whether you are a current ISB HS student, a brand new ISB student or a grade 8 student about to enter High School for the first time, I trust that you will find this new Program of Studies booklet helpful, useful, and informative as you go through the exciting process of choosing your learning options for the years ahead. 

Justin Alexander - High School Principal


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