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A Personal Learning Journey

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Meeting every student where they are

Proudly independent and not-for-profit, we offer an accredited (US, AP and IB), inclusive and challenging international curriculum, designed to allow students to define, for themselves, who they are and where they want to go. Very few schools in the world can offer this level of personalized education - preparing students at all levels to become leaders in meeting the ever-changing needs of the world and equip them with the knowledge, skills and values to become caring global citizens.

We understand the nature of international families and ensure that our students’ learning is transferable and meaningful, using globally recognized educational standards as the foundation upon which we build our exceptional learning programs.

ES student on zip line

Pre-K Cubs (Early Childhood) : 3-4 years old. Lower Elementary K - Grade 2, Upper Elementary Grades 3-5

In Early Childhood and Elementary School, ISB provides a challenging learning environment which is child-centered, well-balanced and aims to develop the whole child. Our school is a center of inquiry, creativity and joyful learning, with students from around 60 countries coming together to learn, to dream and to grow.

Discover the Elementary School

MS student working in the invention centre

The Middle School - Grades 6-8

Moving up to the Middle School, our belief is that learners at this age need a combination of care, challenge, choice, and opportunity to help them succeed. Through a thoughtful and caring approach to students’ social emotional learning, our teachers, counselors, and administrators guide students through this stage of their learning and growth. Our curriculum provides students with a globally-minded curriculum and instruction that meets students at their level of need.

Moving into the Middle School

HS student on walkway

High School - Grades 9-12

In the High School, students are offered a university pathway that suits them best, with the choice of the IB Diploma, the AP Capstone™ Diploma, a blend of IB, AP and ISB courses or a  customizable and rigorous ISB High School course. All of which result in a best in class ISB Diploma, recognized by the world’s leading universities. The High School is a welcoming community of lifelong learners with a strong sense of school spirit and pride. We provide opportunities for our learners to engage and participate in the arts, athletics and a huge range of activities. We ask our learners to challenge and extend themselves in their academic pursuits and strive for balance in their busy lives.

Leap into High School Programs

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