In order to support our families in their transition to Bangkok and ISB, the ISB PTA have parent volunteers called Community Representatives who act as ambassadors for their respective communities. They are grouped by country, common language or region (depending on the size of the community) and their aim is to welcome parents to ISB, to help you settle in to the ISB Community and to Bangkok, to answer your questions, introduce you to new people and offer you support.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Community Representatives with any questions you might have about ISB. They can give you their personal perspective of ISB and can be a big help while you are settling down. If you have more than one nationality, please feel free to get in touch with the appropriate Community Representatives.

If we do not have a Community Representative for you, the First VP, Eilin Hee ( ) 
is available to help with any questions you might have, about school or anything else.

ISB PTA community reps 2017/2018

Country Name E-Mail
African Rep Lucy Mundia
Australian/New Zealand Rep Sara Tighe
Bangladeshi Rep Tasmin Islam
British and Irish Reps Grainne Macrae (Irish)
Canadian Rep Chantal Bremner
Chinese Co-Reps Clare Chen
Hongyi Zhang
Dutch-speaking Rep Emilie Huisman
Adelynne Valenciano
Fillipino Co-Rep Adelynne Valenciano
Anne Montante
French-speaking Rep Pascale Kervyn
German-speaking Co-Reps Sabine Lingenfelder
Susanne Rodrigues
Indian Co-Reps Vinitha Chirayil Thilakan
Shipra Chauhan
Indonesian Co-Reps Susy Sukoano
Golda Sihombing
Israeli Rep Livant Ziskinder
Japanese Co-Reps Naoko Tanaka
Yoko Takechi
Korean Co-Reps Youngmi Kwon
Hyemin Lee
Latin Community Rep Susana Purdy
Malaysian/Sigaporean Rep Elinna Bahrin
Pakistani Rep Maheen Sheikh
Scandinavian Rep (Denmark, Norway, Sweden) Christine Platou Bjornsen
Turkish Rep Guney Baral
USA Co-Reps Kelly Kabat
Mary Ann Morse
Host Country Co-Reps (Thai) Sutida Vichitkulwongsa
ML Pajarachuta Harinsuit