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International School Bangkok (ISB) has been the home of many exceptional artists and prizes itself for its leading and balanced curriculum, which allows students to experience and excel in the areas they are most passionate about. The Arts at ISB are not seen as optional extras but are a core part of our curriculum and we offer a multitude of fine and performing arts programs for students of all ages.

With seven visual arts studios, twelve performing arts classrooms, twenty-seven music practice rooms, two multi-purpose art galleries, and two fully equipped theatres, ISB’s facilities are outstanding and serve to support our child’s creative endeavours.



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Elementary School

Elementary School has a selection of year-round programs outside of their regular after school activities. For Grades 3 – 5, there is the Orff Ensemble where students explore music through playing instruments, singing, and creative movement, the Panther Choir where students can sing with their friends and perform songs from around the world, and the String Ensemble is for any student who can play violin, viola, cello or the double bass. Panther Theater is open for PreK – Grade 5 and is a joint program between ISB Elementary School Music Department and Curtains Up Drama organization for students interested in any form of Theatrical Art. Students are taught a variety of theatrical performance including acting, singing and dancing.


ISB is a one of the busiest concert houses in Bangkok. Band concerts, Strings concerts, Drama productions from Elementary school and up, students are given ample opportunity to test their skills and build confidence on stage. These events are student produced, from the performances to the stage set up and lighting and are a vital part of their performing arts education.


Students are given various opportunities to display their work, be it in the central area at ISB, in the exhibition space in the Theaters or Libraries or in popular Bangkok venues, such as the Bangkok Arts and Cultural Center (BACC).

Visiting Artists

Each year, we welcome professional artists to ISB. They inspire our students, widen their perspective and impart invaluable advice about the opportunities for professional careers in the arts. Past visitors include, but are not limited to, Alex Face, M.E.N., KYP Gumboot Dancers, D.L.D and more.


Students explore a wide range of mediums through the visual arts programs at ISB that begin as young as Pre-Kindergarten. Painting, ceramics, photography, and more all form part of the engaging visual arts programs, where students are taught key skills as well as given freedom for expression and reflection. We bring in a series of visiting professionals and artists in residence to inspire and guide our learners in key mediums and fields.

Performing Arts

ISB’s Performance Arts programs encompass a wide range of offerings for students, allowing them to choose and flourish in the area they are most passionate about. Students explore the arts through music, dance and drama from a young age and build confidence as artists and performers. The Arts are a core part of our curriculum at ISB as we recognize the positive impact these subject areas have on students overall well-being and learning. ISB is one of the few schools to host all the Performance Arts programs at the IB (International Baccalaureate) Diploma level in Grade 11 and 12.

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”


“A picture is a poem without words”